MP3 vs MP4, Difference between MP3 and MP4

Many people think that the MP4 is a natural evolution of the MP3, but they do not have any similarity. While the MP3 is a market leader where acts and acts in the audio industry, MP4 fights to become increasingly in a highly competitive market: video. Yet it is not only this type of media that it is compatible, MP4 is a container format more than a unique style. Inside it can be audio, video and even subtitles. Check with us the main differences between MP3 and MP4.

Part 1: MP3 vs MP4, Difference between MP3 and MP4

File Extension MP3 MP4
Developer The MP3 plugin is developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, a German organization that has more than 60 units throughout the country. With a more than $ 1 billion and over 12,000 employees budget, each unit is responsible for one technology. MP3 is the most famous of them and generates thousands of euros a year in royalties. Currently maintained by the institute ISO - International Organization for Standardization - a body composed of researchers from different countries, the format was created by Apple.
History One of the first types of audio understanding with losses almost imperceptible. The MP3 began to make possible when a team of German researchers sought a way to broadcast audio in high quality over telephone lines. After much research, the first version of the MP3 dates back to 1995, when it was released for PCs through a shareware license. Based directly in QuickTime format, popular in MAC systems, the MPG4 is popularized by its characteristic of being able to store audio, video and subtitles. The first version was released in 2001 after being updated in 2003. Despite what many think, the MP4 is not an evolution of MP3, in fact, they have nothing to do.
Popularity While MP4 can carry various formats of information, MP3 only works with audio, however, its popularity is assured because of the great sound quality and file size. With almost no quality loss rate, we get a lighter file to MP4 and reproduced by virtually all types of market media playback software. The format became popular for its main feature: store not only audio, but video and even subs He became famous mainly for suspicious reasons, such as being one of the preferred formats of content for Internet rippers like torrents, which upload content in MP4 for ease of keeping audio and video in the same package without much increase the final size of the file.
Data streams The MP3 format specifications define how the data flow should be structured and interpreted, but not like the encoder must be implemented as long as he follows the rules established by the documentation. This allows competition between various manufacturers, which benefits the user and the technology. In MP3 has, for example, the filterbank, the MDCT, FFT, etc. Unlike MP3, MP4 data is processed through private flows that are inserted separately per track. To open these private types of information the user needs of codecs and several permissions that are achieved through the websites of the creators, as a subtitle in MPEG-4 format with timed text or audio format MPEG-4 part 2 or 10.
Metadata MP3 metadata options and are much simpler to edit than the version of MP4 and appear to be much more useful. Using it you can edit the artist of the song you're listening, album, album name, year, genre, composer, track, etc. After everything is displayed on your MP3 player. Beautiful and organized. You can even use some small freeware program that automatically update the metadata of your MP3 file. With less metadata options than MP3, MP4 focuses more on structural details of the video you are watching or even music (in this case the options are smarter). Captions can also get metadata and in this case very interesting applications can arise. Negative compared to the MP3 format is that this editing via internet services is not as easy or common.
Pros The MP3 has many factors that makes it the most popular audio format in the world:
* The audio quality remains virtually the same, losses are almost imperceptible to our ears.
* His success It is largely due to the famous MP3 players that popularized the songs and the extension itself in early 2000.
* Another fact is that is almost impossible to find a file player that does not support the MP3 format.
As MP4 positive can be said:
* That it is a container of videos and many other media formats. The MP4 unfolds in MP4A for example, that is the version with only the audio and MP3 tries to do the same work.
* Another positive point of course is the versatility of a file in MP4 format as well as video and audio, even subtitle can be included in the same package.
* Furthermore, the large majority of audio and video players support the format. Converters also facilitate access to it in the same way.
Cons On the downside, the MP3
* is the most vulnerable in both, safety issue, and quality. If is created by someone who does not know the minimum necessary, will get a lower quality audio.
On the downside, MP4
* Faces a fight fierce competition, which does not happen with the MP3. Against MP4 exist, for example, the MKV format, which is a specific video container for high-resolution files, leaving them with the same quality without increasing the size, which the MP4 is unable to.
Used by Virtually everyone that has an audio file on your computer. MP3 is the owner of the breeding market in audio on the Internet. Used both professionally with maximum possible bit rate that ensures 0% quality loss, such as young people and their MP3 players appliances. The MP4 differs from your MP3 market when we specify the target audience and who uses what type of file. Those who choose the MP4 are watching more videos and films, as today it is exclusively used format for videos. Of course the possibility of the caption come along also helps in this aspect. The format can even compete with other extensions in the category video, but the audio category MP3 is unbeatable.
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Part 2: How to Download and Play MP4 and MP3?

MP4 and MP3 are two commonly used formats for video files which are similar yet distinct. Both these file formats are readily available for free download from the internet but you will need some kind of external software package to download them. So if you are looking forward for a similar software package that can help you in such a scenario, then Wondershare AllMyTube is the best solution for you!

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How to download MP4 and MP3 using Wondershare AllMyTube?

If you are looking forward to downloading MP4 and MP3 video files using Wondershare AllMyTube, then please follow the steps below:

Step 1 Install and run Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare AllMyTube is available in both the trial as well as paid version. Download and install the software on your computer. Once installed, double click its shortcut icon to launch the software.

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Step 2 Find your MP4 or MP3 file to download

After launching the Wondershare AllMyTube software package, the next step is to start looking for the MP4 or MP3 file that you want to download. You can use any internet browser for looking for your favorite videos. There are several websites like youtube, Dailymotion etc from where you can get the best quality MP4 and MP3 files.

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Step 3 Download the videos

Once you have chosen the video that you want to download, the next step is to actually start the download process. You can download the videos in two ways:

Way 1: By clicking on the “Download” button near the video area: When you play videos on popular video websites like youtube, you can see a “Download” button at the top of the video which is provided by Wondershare AllMyTube. Clicking on this button will start the download process in AllMyTube immediately.

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(Optional) From the dropdown menu, you can choose to set the quality / resolution of the video per your request. Or you will download the video with the default resolution.

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Way 2:Using the “Paste URL” button: If you could not find the “Download” button at the top of the video you want to download, you can use the “Paste URL” button of the Wondershare AllMyTube. Just copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it in the software interface and start downloading the video.

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Step 4 (Optional) Convert the Downloaded Video

Once you have completed the download process, the downloaded file is available in the “Finished” section from where you can convert the video to be other different format you want. For example, you download an MP4 video and you can choose to convert the MP4 video to be MP3 by clicking the “Convert” button, and then choose the format to be “MP3”.

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download mp4

Step 5 Play the downloaded MP3 file

Once you have completed the converted process, the converted file is available in the “Converted” section from where you can play your file or perform various operations on it.

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