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MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

A good beat can wake you up, make you dance or send chills down your spine. There is nothing quite like the experience of your favorite tracks being blasted through quality speakers with the volume turned up to the point of triggering car alarms. Or you can chill with your loved ones with the soothing tunes sending you to the paradise.

Today, the best source of music is the Internet but you can still lose access to it for any number of reasons. Besides, sites that host music can have any number of limitations, usually created to protect the rights of music companies and make your listening experience as inconvenient as possible.

For example, Youtube doesn’t allow you to download songs and it still doesn’t have a handy replay function, which means you will have to fiddle with its controls and waste bandwidth if you want to listen to a single track over and over again. And don’t get me started on ads. In such cases, it helps to have a program that will strip away the cruft and streamline pure music from the Internet straight into your ears.

Part 1: Best MP4 Recorder

Imagine a world in which you have total control over what you’re hearing. A world where you can record music playing from your speakers as a single file and do with it as you please. Just like the good old times.

Wondershare TunesGo is a high quality unobtrusive program that turns your computer into a music control hub, allowing you to capture, burn and organize all the music on your computer. It consists of seven functions separated in two categories – “Get Music” and “Music Library”. We would like to introduce you its key features as below.

Many music resources on Discover module, you can find many popular music there.

Infinitely high screen is filled to the brim with music of all genres and moods, with filters available to help in your choice.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

Downloading songs and playlists

Songs and entire playlists can also be downloaded from the web by clicking the icon under the playlist icon or next to the song title.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

Multiple formats are supported.

The chosen format of the downloaded file can be MP3 or 720p MP4 video.

Direct download videos or music.

Copying a link to a single video, music or not, and pasting it into TunesGo will download it to your computer.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

Record what you want.

Capture any sound currently playing on your computer, whether it is playback, streamed sound or someone speaking.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

Manage music Library

Organize, share, import and export music you’ve downloaded, recorded and added to your library.

1) Music: Clicking “Music” will let you import music, share it to Facebook, via e-mail or Twitter, export it to a connected device or burn it.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

2) Movies: Filter your music library depending on if they are audio-only or video.

3) Downloaded/Recorded: Filter your music library depending on if they are downloaded or recorded.

Back up data on your Devices

Back up everything on your device and sync your music library.

Part 2: How to Record MP4 Using Wondershare TunesGo?

We will guide you to use Wondershare TunesGo to record MP4 by only a few steps as following.

1. Download Wondershare TunesGo from here and install it in terms of the prompt step by step.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

2. Open the Wondershare TunesGo after installation and then click on the “Record” tab and then click the big REC button.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

At this point, you should select a music track that you want to record. Open your Spotify account and play the track you wish to record. In this case, it’s radio surgery.

3. Once the song is being recorded, a timer will appear showing the running time.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

Click the STOP button to stop recording. To check the song you just recorded, click on the “Recorded” tab.

4. You will find the recorded MP4 file on the “Recorded” list, and you can click the buttons “Export” to export your MP4 file to other devices or share it in the original device.

MP4 Recorder – Record Any Video to MP4

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