How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

If you record a video clip using your video camera, it will be saved as a .MOD file extension. MOD files are MPEG Files but with a MOD file extension. Depending on how you record your video clip, you can easily rename it from the MOD file extension to MPG playable on your pc. However, if the file has an aspect ratio of 4:3, you will be required to use a conversion tools to change it to MP4 format. Converting the MOD files makes it easy for you to share the captured memories online as MP4 files are highly compressed and compatible with most devices. If you are in this dilemma, Wondershare Video Converter is the best option for you. Not only is Wondershare the best MOD to MP4 converter, it is also a great video editing tool.

Part 1.1: Best MOD to MP4 Video Converter

MOD to MP4 conversion is a simple process. Upon launching Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, users access simple and guided through process to convert and edit the video files. There are several reasons why you would consider converting MOD to MP4 format. For instance, if you are running on MAC, iPhone, or iPad, the standard format for video files in the MP4. MP4 makes it easy to stream online video with great audio quality making it the most popular video format across the globe.

Here is a list of features that make Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate a favorite amongst all users and professionals:

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  • • Having emerged as the fastest converter in the market, it seconds its rival by a speed which is 30 times faster than the conventional applications.
  • • Compatibility has now been enhanced as users can convert their videos virtually into any format to go with their peripheral and desktop devices.
  • • Through Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, users can now stream their media onto their televisions without the use of any connecting devices like USB or Wire.
  • • With an impeccable DLNA Support built in, it also allows users to store HVEC videos in a small size without losing out on quality.

Part 1.2: How to Convert MOD to MP4 in Steps Using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

If you want to convert your camcorder video files to MP4, here are the steps as follows.

Step 1 Launch the application and select the files

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 1

  • First you have to download and install the “Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate” and launch it.
  • Then click on the add file button to select the MOD files you want to convert and add them to the application.
  • You also can open your video file in browser and directly drag and drop in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Note:Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports batch conversions and you can load several files all at once.

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 2

Step 2 Select output file format

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 3

Since you want to convert MOD to MP4,

  • On the right hand of the window, find the dropdown menu under the “Output Format:”
  • From dropdown select “Format” tab
  • Click “Video”
  • And select MP4 as the desired output video format.
  • You can see detail about input/source files and output files

Step 3 Edit the File

At this point, you can also make changes to the audio and video parameters to your liking. Some of the alterations you can make include video bitrates, resolution, frame rate, video quality, and aspect ratio among others.

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 4

Sometime we rotate our camcorder to cover background or other reasons. When we play such home videos on TV or Computer its play as rotated screen. To overcome such issues we need to edit it before convert it.

For editing select edit button (Figure: 4)

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 5

The edit tool will open. Here you can perform multiple editing task like Trim, Crop, Colours Effects, Watermarks etc. But now we will rotate the video screen. For that purpose please follow the following steps:

  • Click on “Adjust” tab from the editing tools
  • Click second button which mean “90degree rotate on clockwise”

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 6

You also can change aspect ratio for full screen or zoom your video by following procedure.

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 7

  • Select “Crop” and manually resize your video
  • Select pre-set “Aspect Ratio”

After editing select “OK” button.

Step 4 Select the destination folder

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 8

You can select the “Open folder” on your PC where the converted files will be saved. Use the browse to select the file destination path or folder.

Step 5 Start conversion

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 9

Upon selecting the destination folder click on the start button for the conversions from MOD to MP4 to start. You can view the process and cancel it anytime.

Part 2.1: Free MOD to MP4 Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter Free is the best free video converter for MOD to MP4 videos. This can help you convert and edit your camcorder files for free with it user friendly interface. Furthermore, Wondershare Video Converter Free has some other qualities too.

1. All in one video converter:

Wondershare Video Converter Free provides you with a one stop DVD video conversion solution enabling you rip DVDs, convert your MOD videos to major video formats as well as burn them to DVDs.

2. Professional video and audio converter:

Convert you MOD to MP4 files or to any other major format playable on your devices easily and effectively without compromising on its quality.

3. Video editing tools:

Edit your files before converting them by adjusting, cropping, adding subtitles, merging, among many other options.

4. Customize the output profile:

Configure the output profile for every media player using the pre-sets.

5. Easy to use and free technical support available:

You do not need any technical knowhow to use the application.

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Part 2.2: Converting MOD to MP4 Using Wondershare Video Converter Free

The software interface and procedures for converting videos in “Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate” and “Wondershare Video Converter Free” are quite similar. Here is short description about how to convert video MOD to Mp4 in “Wondershare Video Converter Free”

Run Wondershare Video Converter Free, select files and format

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 10

  • Run Wondershare Video Converter Free.
  • Import/Add your MOD files by dragging and dropping on the interface. You can also use the “add files” button to locate and select one or more MOD files for upload.
  • Select output format
  • Select MP4 as required output format.

Same like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can also make edits to your video before converting it.

But in Wondershare Video Converter Free interference is different with parallel view.

How to Convert MOD to MP4 with High Quality

Figure: 11

After you’re satisfied that your output video is well edited, click on the “Convert” button. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

Part 3: Extended Knowledge for F4V

1. What is MOD file?

MOD is a video file extension created by Panasonic and JVC as the standard format when recording with a tapeless camcorder. MOD video format is common in both Panasonic and Canon cameras. The MOD files are recorded on the SD memory cards and hard disks of the camera. The format can be compared to MPEG2, HDV, EX, XDMCAM. However, MOD extensions are still commonly used in some digital video cameras.

2. How to play MOD on Windows and Mac?

Any PC or video player that supports MPEG-2 can easily view MOD files. MOD files can also be easily viewed using a DVD player due to the DVD-video standard compliance. If you want to share the captured files with your friends online, you will have to convert them to MP4 video format.

Downloadable free to use conversion tool can easily hep you convert MOD to MP4 format which is the standard format for online streaming and is playable on most devices. You may also opt to convert the files online with free to use conversion utilities which do not require you to install them on your PC, such as http://www.free-videoconverter.com/.

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