What's New in Apple iOS 7.1 and Matters That Need Your Attention

Though iOS 7.1 comes with no earth-shaking updates, it is a long-waited update. It really brings something users need: crash fix in iPhone 5s, user interface improvements, notifications clear, better Calendar events, and something new: adds CarPlay. I'm not sure how people feel about these improvements or new features. For me, I can't resist the temptation of trying all these features and seeing how they work. I've already upgraded my iPhone 5s to the latest iOS 7.1.0. Ok, the next, let's take a glimpse of these improvements or new features and learn about things you should pay attention to before and upgrading your iPhone to iOS 7.1.

Part 1. iOS 7.1 Upgrading Troubleshooting

Question #1: Is it possible to delete multiple messages at once on iPhone after upgrading to iOS 71.?
Solutions: Sure. Inside a message thread, tap a piece of message longer to bring out the "More" pop up. And then you can select messages one-by-one to delete them at a time.

Question #2: Updated to iOS 7.1 and finding that my keyboard responds very slowly while the touchscreen responds quickly when I open an app and settings. And when I type, it seems I'm faster than the iPhone understanding the works, so I have to retype again and again in messages.
Solutions: When you find the keyboard responds very slowly or not responsive at all, you should reset it. Tap Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset keyboard dictionary.

Question #3: I've updated my iPhone to iOS 7.1 today. Everything is good except my GPS. The GPS is always on on the top of the screen. I've tried everything, including restarted my iPhone and closed all the applications. However, it's useless.
Solutions: When you find the Location Service (GPS) icon staying on the top of your iPhone screen, to turn it off, you should set your iPhone. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services, turn off the location service once for all, or you can turn off the location service for each application in the middle of the window. It depends on your needs.

Question #4: iOS 7.1 keeps Freezing when chatting, multitasking. And when opening a folder, it lags. Can't touch anything must relock the device! What's wrong?
Solutions: For this situation, there are basically 2 ways you can try to solve it. 1st, shut down all apps in the multitask screen and restart your device. Many people have tried this way, it works. 2nd, restore your device as a new.

Question #5. Have some background issues. It seems the brightness on my iPhone 5s is not so bright as it used to be.
Solutions: Some people just said they solve the problem by rebooting the iPhone. I advise you go to Settings > General > Accessibility to turn on the Reduce Motion option. And then tap Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness to set the brightness.

Part 2. What's New in iOS 7.1?

#1. Big New Feature for iOS 7.1: CarPlay

The prominent new feature of iOS 7.1 is CarPlay. It is created primarily based on the use of Siri to command, offering users an easier way to respond to phone calls, dictate text messages, access music library from a vehicle. New cards from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo will support CarPlay. And Ford and BMW are promising to support it too. And now the Siri supports hold-to-talk. It means after you hold down the Home button, you can speak long sentences with pauses. Siri will only process your voice command or message after you release the Home button. This is pretty good, for before iOS 7.1, it happens all the time that before you finishing a command, Siri began to work.

Learn more about CarPlay, visits Apple official sites for CarPlay >>

iOS 7.1 Siri

#2. Random Crash Fix

If there's one thing that iOS 7 has pissed off users, it could be the random crash which iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display users have been experiencing. This bug has existed since the release of iOS 7. It caused a home screen crash with no apparent reason. In January, Apple confirmed to Mashable that a fix for "White Screen of Death" was in the upcoming update. And finally it is here. After I upgraded to iOS 7.1, I found my iPhone 5s respond faster and more runs smoothly. And I tried multi-task, there was no crash at all. And it is said this improvement robust the performance for iPhone 4 as well.

iOS 7.1 - crash fix

#3.Notifications Clear Intuitively

Notification is good when we need to be notified that there is something new or something we need to do. However, if you have two or more Apple devices, you might not be willing to clear the same notifications on one each of your iOS devices. iOS 7.1 will clear the notifications on your other iOS devices. When answering a FaceTime call on one of your devices, the same notification on other devices will be cleared. This feature is available for iMessage.

iOS 7.1 - notification clear

#4.Better Calendar Events & Camera Tweaks

In iOS 7.1, Apple has improved the display of Calendar Events, making it pretty easy for users to see the list of his or her schedules. After taping a single day and the taping the list icon, it will display all the events for the day at the bottom. When viewing events for a month, just need to tap the list icon on the top of the month to reveal the whole list. There is a HDR setting for the Camera app in iPhone 5S. Before, users need to turn on or off the option manually. Now with iOS 7.1, once you've set the HDR auto, it will be applied when you trying to shot a picture or an image is detected.

iOS 7.1 - calender envents

#5.Accessibility: Motion Reduce & Text Customizable

The distinctive feature for an iOS device could be the snazzy motion while switching among tasks. However, some people feel sick of it. Now with iOS 7.1, users can turn off the motion option by enabling Reduce Motion, making the iOS device rather static. And if you have any trouble reading text on your iPhone, you can also make the text larger and bolder. Click Settings > General > Accessibility. From here, tap Larger Type to set a predefined text size or enable Larger Accessibility Sizes.

iOS 7.1 - motion reduce

The above mentioned are the main improvements in iOS 7.1. If you need to learn more about what's new in iOS 7.1, you can visit Apple's office site here.

Part 3. How to Upgrade to iOS 7.1

Basically, there are 2 ways to update your iOS to the latest iOS 7.1. It takes 4 or 5 minutes for users to update to iOS 7.1, mostly depends on the network you're using. By the way, no matter what version of iOS you're using, you can directly upgrade to iOS 7.1, skipping the iOS 7.0.6.

#Via iTunes:

Step 1. Connect your iOS device with your computer which should have iTunes preinstalled via a USB cable.
Step 2. Launch iTunes on your computer. And then there should be a pop up, asking you to upgrade to iOS 7.1. You should click Download and Update. It might take you a few minutes to download iOS 7.1. After the downloading, iTunes will guide you to the process of upgrading your iOS device to iOS 7.1.

#Via Your iOS Device:

It's very simple. Tap Settings > General > download iOS 7.1 and install it on your iOS device.

how to upgrade to iOS 7.1

Part 4. Backup Your iPhone Before Upgrading to iOS 7.1

Upgrading to iOS 7.1 is very easy. However, it will hurt if you find that you've lost data when upgrading to iOS 7.1. To avoid the data lose accidents, before upgrading to iOS 7.1, you'd better backup your iOS device:

Backup SMS before Upgrading to iOS 7

backup iOS 7.1

Part 5. What to Do If iPhone Data Lost After Upgrading to iOS 7.1

If you are not lucky enough to lost data when upgrading to iOS 7.1, you can restore the data from iTunes Backup if you've backed up your iOS device mentioned in Part 2. Below are some solutions that might be very helpful:

restore iOS 7.1

Part 6. Wondershare Updated Software to Support iOS 7.1

Wondershare MobileTrans - Transfer content between iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia. With it, you'll have no problem of transferring text messages, contacts, music, videos, photos, and more to your iPhone after you upgrading to iOS 7.1.

Wondershare TunesGo - Transfer Music from iPhone, iPod, and iPad to iTunes and Computer Intelligently. Besides using the features that iTunes doesn't have, you can still use it to sync files directly from your computer to your iOS 7.1 devices without iTunes sync. And if you can't sync music to your iOS device after upgrading to iOS 7.1, you're able to achieve your goal with this tool too.

Wondershare Dr.fone - The World's first iPhone, iPad and iPod touch data recovery software to recover lost contacts, text messages, pictures, notes, and much more. If you've backed up your iOS device before upgrading to iOS 7.1, after then, you can get lost data from the iTunes Backup or iCould Backup with Wondershare Dr. fone. And during the period of using iOS 7.1, if you lost or delete something important, you can try Wondershare Dr. fone to get them back too. Learn how to use it and what kind of files it supports >>

Wondershare SafeEraser – Prevent identity theft from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with 1-click "clean slate" safeguard for ultimate privacy protection. Just as its name implies, it helps you to erase everything on your device to help you protect your privacy.

Wondershare software support iOS 7.1

Part 7. How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1?

Many jailbroken iOS users concerns about whether it is possible to jailbreak iOS 7.1. The fact is that iOS 7.1 patches the EvasiOn 7, which means after you upgrading to iOS 7.1, you can't jail break your iOS device with Evasi0n 7. Apple has thanked the evad3rs jailbreaking team by name for finding security bugs which have been fixed in iOS 7.1. And if there are some security bugs exploited by hackers, as it used to be, you should wait several months again to learn how to jailbreak iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 -jailbreak

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