How to Transfer Music from iPod touch to Computer

It's difficult to transfer music from ipod touch to computer, because iTunes only let you sync songs to your iPod touch. However, due to tons of reasons, you may be eager to copy songs and playlists back to your computer for backup or sharing. For example, you lose your iTunes playlists by deleting them accidently or after your computer crashes, all music files on your computer are lost.

Since iTunes is helpless, what will you do to copy music from iPod touch to computer? Actually, besides iTunes, here is an easy-to-use program - Wondershare TunesGo Retro - iOS Transfer (Windows) or Wondershare TunesGo Retro (Mac) - iOS Transfer for Mac. It not only does what iTunes can, but bears more salient features. With its help, you are able to export both songs and playlists to your computer with ease. Additionally, it lets you transfer music from computer to your iPod touch too.

Part 1. How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Computer

In the steps below, we're about showing you how to move music to your Windows computer. If you want to transfer iPod music to your Mac, download the Mac version. Then conduct these steps by yourself.

Download win versionDownload mac version

Step 1. Install this program and connect your iPod touch with PC

At the beginning, install and run this program on the computer. Connect your iPod touch to the computer with a USB cable. This program will detect it once it's connected.

transfer photo library from iphone to computer

Note: Since the Wondershare TunesGo Retro should have iTunes's company, you ought to download and install iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. transfer music from ipod touch to computer

To transfer songs to computer, you can click "To Folder", the button on the bottom line of the primary window.

Or, to move songs and playlists from your iPod touch to computer, you're able to click the "Media" button in the left directory tree. On the top line, click the "Music" button.

Then, select the songs that you decide to export and click "Export to". When the drop-down list shows up, choose "Export to My Computer". This brings up a small file browser window. Select a save path on your computer to store these songs.

copy music from ipod touch to computer

Note: TunesGo Retro (Windows) is fully compatible with iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4 and iPod touch 3 with iOS 9/8/7/5/6. The Mac version supports iPod touch 5/4 running iOS 9,8,7, 5, & 6. Click here to get more info about supported iPods.

If you have many playlists on your iPod touch, you can also move them to your computer. Click "Playlist" to show the playlist window. Choose your wanted playlist and click "Export to".

No matter whether you move music from iPod touch to computer or sync playlists to computer, you should keep your iPod touch connected.

transfer songs from ipod touch to computer

Note: The Mac version doesn't let you export playlists to Mac.

Apart from transferring songs from iPod touch to computer, you can also transfer music from iPod touch back to iTunes library too.

The video on transferring music from iPod touch to computer

Download win versionDownload mac version

Part 2. Extra Tip: Comparison Between TunesGo and TunesGo Retro

In view that some customers are confused about the functions between TunesGo and TunesGo Retro, we have listed a detailed comparison table between them for further reference. Through the table, you can easily distinguish their differences: TunesGo focuses on freeing your music to discover, download, manage and enjoy your favorite music with a relatively higher price; meanwhile, TunesGo Retro is mainly to transfer music, photos, videos, playlists from your iPhone, iPad& iPod to iTunes Library& PC for backup, to manage music and photos freely with a relatively competitive price. Following are the details:

Supported Devices
iOS Devices
Android Devices  
Music & Playlist
Add Music to iTunes  
Export Music from iTunes  
Convert Unsupported Formats of Music to iTunes  
Delete Music from iTunes  
Delete Music and Video on Device
De-duplicate Music in iTunes  
Remove Lost Files in Tunes  
Search and Delete the Repeated Music on Device
Fix Music ID Tags of iTunes  
Supplement Music Covers of iTunes  
Directly Fix, Edit and Save ID3 Information on Device.  
Download Music from YouTube,SoundCloud etc.  
Record Online Music on Music Sites, Like 8Track, Rdio etc.  
Record App Music, Like Spotify Music etc.  
Burn iTunes Music to CD  
Generate Car Playlist  
Transfer Music, Audio & Playlist:

iTunes <-> Device

Transfer Music, Audio & Playlist:

PC <-> Device

Transfer Music, Audio & Playlist:

Device <-> Device

Intelligently Transfer to iTunes:Only Transfer What's Missing in iTunes
Playlists Are Exported from iTunes with the Original Smart Sorting Rules.
Support to Transfer Users' Data Information: Rating,Play Counts, Skip Counts.
Convert Unsupported Formats to be Supported Ones Automatically via Transfer.
No Need to Use iTunes to Transfer Files to iOS Devices.

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TunesGo frees your music, doing what iTunes can’t.



One-stop solution lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle convenient.

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