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How to Transfer Music from iPod shuffle to iTunes

Is there a way to transfer music on my iPod Shuffle Gen. 3 to iTunes on my computer? I'm afraid to try syncing because I think that is a reverse process where music in iTunes is transferred to the iPod. I don't want to erase music on the iPod. Thanks.

Want to transfer music from iPod shuffle to iTunes after losing your iTunes library? Intend to backup music on iPodc shuffle to iTunes? However, as a one-way program, iTunes only syncs music to your iPod shuffle. It can do nothing to transfer music on your iPod to it.

In this case, I highly recommend you to use an easy-to-use and powerful iPod to iTunes transfer tool - Wondershare TunesGo Retro or Wondershare TunesGo Retro (mac). With it, you're able to transfer all or selected songs from iPod shuffle to iTunes quickly and easily. Besides transferring music, you can also copy movies, playlists, podcast, TV show, music videos, and audio books to your iTunes library as well. In addition, all the music added previously won't be removed during the music transfer.

Click the "Download" button to download Wondershare TunesGo Retro on your computer.

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Easy steps to copy music from iPod shuffle to iTunes

Below are the easy steps about the transferring music files and playlists from iPod shuffle to iTunes. Now, let's check out them.

Step 1. Run this program and connect iPod shuffle with PC

First of all, install and then run this iPod to iTunes transfer tool on your PC. If you haven't installed iTunes on your computer, this program will remind you of installing it. Thus, in this case, you should install iTunes on your computer.

Then, connect your iPod shuffle with your computer via a USB cable. This program will detect your iPod shuffle immediately. Then, the main interface will be shown on your PC screen. From the left column of this main interface, you can view contents on your iPod shuffle.

transfer music from ipod shuffle to itunes

Step 2. Move music from iPod shuffle to iTunes

To sync music from iPod shuffle to iTunes, you can click "To iTunes" > "Start" at the bottom line on the main interface. Then, remove marks before other media except for music and playlists. Click "Copy to iTunes". It will transfer songs to your iTunes library.

transfer songs from ipod shuffle to itunes

Note: Wondershare TunesGo Retro is fully compatible with iPod shuffle 4, iPod shuffle 3, iPod shuffle 2, and iPod shuffle 1.

You can also move songs to your iTunes library in another way. On the left column, you should click "Media". Then the media window will be displayed on the right. Select your wanted songs. After that, click the inverted triangle under "Export to". When the pull-down list pops up, you should choose "Export to iTunes Library".

Or you can only click "Smart Export to iTunes". This frees you from exporting the same songs to iTunes repeatedly.

ipod shuffle to itunes

If you want to copy playlists back to iTunes library, yuo can click "Playlist". After selecting your favorite playlists, you ought to click the triangle under "Export to". Choose "Export to iTunes Library".

music from ipod shuffle to itunes

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Video Tutorial for How to Transfer Music from iPod shuffle to iTunes

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