Transfer Data to New Android Phone in One Click

Just received the replacement S4 to my overheating S4. How can I transfer all my messages, pictures, files, apps and data and everything on my old phone to the new one? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Have had your Android phone for several years, and now you ditch it for a new one. After getting the new Android phone, you realize that all the data, including your favorite apps, contacts, SMS and photos, are still stuck on the old phone. If you're frustrated about transferring data to new Android phone, I'm sure you just come to the right place. This article is about to talking about how to transfer data to new android phone without any hassle.

How to transfer data to new android phone

To do the data transfer, first of all, you should download a desktop phone transfer software. That's the Wondershare MobileTrans (Windows) or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac, specially designed to let you transfer all calendar, apps, text messages, photos, music, videos, call logs and contacts from one Android phone to the other with 1 click. What's more important is that this software also gives you the chance to transfer data from Nokia (Symbian) phone and iPhone, iPad and iPod to the new Android phone too.

Download the Windows or Mac version on your computer and follow the steps below. The Mac version doesn't support transferring data to and from Nokia (Symbian) phone.

Download Win VersionDownload mac version

Step 1. Launch the Wondershare MobileTrans software

The thing that comes first is to install and launch this MobileTrans software on the Windows PC. Then, the primary window shows up.

Note: If you're going to transfer data from iPhone, iPad or iPod to the new Android phone, you should install iTunes on the Windows PC.

transfer data to new android phone

Step 2. Connect your old and new Android phones to the Windows PC

Connect your two Android phones to the Windows PC by plugging into USB cables. After detected, you'll see the two Android phones on the primary window. The source phone, the old Android, is shown on the left side of the window, and the new Android phone, known as the destination phone, appears on the right.

By ticking Clear data before copy, the MobileTrans software will remove data on the new Android phone to store those from the old phone.

Note: The Wondershare MobileTrans works well with multiple Android phones. Here are more details about supported Android phones.

transfer data to new android phone

Step 3. Transfer Android data to new phone

As you see, you can transfer all data listed on the window between Android phones. You can also remove the marks before the items that you don't want to transfer. When all the prepared work is complete, you can click Start Copy to start the data transfer. Don't forget to click OK when the data transfer is done.

transfer android data to new phone

Download this software to transfer data from Android phone to new Android phone.

Download Win Version Download mac version

Backup your phone data to prevent data loss.

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Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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