3 Methods to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

Just upgrade your old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus), only to find that your valuable data, including contacts, music, video, photos and others are still stuck on the old iPhone? Don't worry. It's a no-brainer to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. You can make it simply by using iTunes, iCloud or some third party tool.

Method 1: Transfer Files from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6 (Plus) in 1 Click

transfer data from iphone to iphone>

Transfer old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus) in 1 click!

Transfer messages, contacts, photos and calendar from old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus)
Copy audio and video to new iPhone 6 (Plus), regardless of whether purchase them or not.
Retrieve iTunes backup and transfer to iPhone 6 (Plus) effortlessly.
Work perfectly with iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS running iOS 8/7/6/5.
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Step 1. Run the Wondershare MobileTrans

Install the Wondershare MobileTrans on your computer. Connect your old iPhone and iPhone 6 (Plus) with your computer via 2 USB cables. After running the program, you will see the primary window as follows.

transfer data from iphone to iphone 6

Step 2. Choose Phone to Phone Transfer

In the main window, you can see the Phone to Phone Transfer feature. Click it and you'll see the window below. Apart from transferring old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus), this software also lets you transfer content from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4, and more. As long as your two iPhones are supported, you can use this software to transfer photos, music, video, calendar, messages and contacts from one iPhone to another.

transfer data from old iphone to iphone 6

Step 3. Start the old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus) Data Transfer

Just start the data transfer by clicking Start Copy. In the pop-up dialog, you can check the transfer progress. It takes you a few minutes. When it's finished, the data on your old iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone.

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how to transfer data from old iphone to new iphone 6

Method 2: Move Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6 (Plus) with iTunes

Step 1: Install the latest iTunes on the computer. Launch it.

Step 2: Use an Apple USB cable to connect your old iPhone to the computer. iTunes will detect it and shows it under DEVICES.

Step 3: Click your old iPhone's name to show its control panel on the right. Click Back Up Now to backup data on your old iPhone.

copy data from old iphone to new iphone

Step 4: When the backup progress ends, you should disconnect your old iPhone. Then, connect your new iPhone.

Step 5: In your new iPhone control panel, click Restore Backup.... Choose your old iPhone's backup file and restore it to your new iPhone.

move data from old iphone to new iphone

Method 3: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus) with iCloud

If you have set up your new iPhone 6 (Plus) before, you need to tap Setting > General > Reset > Erase All content and Setting. Then, restart and recover the iPhone. After that, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn on the WiFi network on your old iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > turn on iCloud Backup > OK > Back up Now.

Step 3: Enter the password of your Apple ID. Click Back Up Now.

Step 4: Wait until the backup process finished. Ensure the exact time that you made the backup.

transfer data from old iphone to new iphone 

Step 5: On your new iPhone 6 (Plus), follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup. You should select one language and country, and choose whether to enable Location Services or not. Don't forget to choose a Wi-Fi network too.

Step 6: When reaching the screen that says Set Up iPhone, you ought to tap Restore from iCloud Backup and select the backup file of your old phone. Remember the Apple ID and password that you used just now.

Step 7: When you finish the restoring process, your new iPhone 6 (Plus) will restart.

transfer files from old iphone to new iphone 6

Comparison among MobileTrans, iTunes and iCloud

  Wondershare MobileTrans iTunes iCloud
(The purchased ones) (The purchased ones)
(Only in Camera Roll) ( Only in Camera Roll)
(Only in Camera Roll) (Only in Camera Roll)
  • Just 10-minute work
  • Transfer Android or Nokia Symbian to iPhone 6 (Plus)
  • Extract iTunes backup to iPhone 6 (Plus)
  • Transfer non-purchased and purchased audio and video
  • Free
  • Copy device setting, app data, visual voice mail, purchased books, etc
  • Free
  • Backup apps, app data, TV shows, books, device settings, home screen, etc
  • Disadvantages
  • Not free
  • Take too much time
  • Not transfer the Photo Library & non-purchased music, movies, etc
  • Spend lots of time to backup and restore
  • Not transfer the Photo Library & non-purchased music, movies, etc
  • Top