How to Transfer Contacts from One Phone to Another

Transferring contacts from one phone to another doesn’t have to be hard. With the right plan and the right tools, you don’t have to worry about what to do. The problem is that there are so very many tutorials on the right way to transfer contacts, it is very easy to get lost. Here we will discuss different ways to transfer contacts from your iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone and Android to Android. Let’s look at how you can transfer data between these phones very easily.

Part 1. Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The easiest way to do all the android contacts transferring job will be to use an allmighty desktop application that is very easy to handle and can ease all your pain. Wondershare MobileTrans will be such a wonderful tool. It can effortlessly transfer your contacts between Android phones with one click once you have both of your phones plugged into the computer. In addition, Wondershare MobileTrans helps you to transfer your Android contacts to computer and when you have another phone, you can restore your Android contacts easily.

The first step when you want to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to Android is to backup your contacts in iCloud. This is very simple, go to iCloud and login to your account.

transfer contacts to new android

Once signed in click on Contacts. You should see the contacts that have been backed up in iCloud. Something like this.

transfer contacts to new android

You will the select all contacts by pressing CTRL + A. Then click on the settings Button at the bottom left corner and then select “Export vCard”.

transfer contacts to new android

You will then need to log in to your Gmail account. Once you have successfully logged in and click on “import contacts” and choose the exported vCard and click on import all. All your files will be imported to your Google Contacts.

transfer contacts to new android

It is important that you merge all the contacts that are duplicated before restoring them on your Android device. Once your contact list has been cleaned up and properly merged, it is time to restore the contacts your Android device.

On your Android device go to Menu then Settings and Account and Sync. Click on Add Account and then Choose Google.

transfer contacts to new android

Sign in to your Google account. Once signed in you can now just tick the box that says “Sync Contact” and then tap on Finish. It will look something like this.

transfer contacts to new android

Congratulations, you have now transferred all your contacts from your iPhone to your Android Device.

Part 2. Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

If you’ve just bought a new iPhone and you want to transfer your contacts from your Android device to your iPhone, here’s how to do this very easily.

You will need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, signing up will take only a few minutes. Once you have a Gmail account, here’s what you need to do.

On your Android device open the contacts and click on the menu button. Here, select merge with Google to import your contacts to Google.

transfer contacts to new android

You will find your contacts in Google. Take the time to organize the contacts and delete any duplicates. It is now time to move the new contacts to your new iPhone.

On the iPhone, select settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. It should look something like this.

transfer contacts to new android

Add your Gmail account on the next screen and all the Contacts on your Google account will be automatically imported into your iPhone.

transfer contacts to new android

It is that easy.

Part 3. Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

Transferring contacts from one Android phone to another is very easy. In most cases your contacts will be automatically synced when you first turn on your new Android phone. This is on the contingency that you have signed in to your Google account on your Android device.

If you cannot see your contacts on your Google contacts, here’s how to sync your contacts to your Gmail account to your phone.

• Ensure that Gmail is installed on your phone
• On the App Drawer, go to settings and then tap on “Accounts and Sync”
• Ensure that the Accounts and syncing service is enabled
• On your email accounts set up select Gmail and be sure that you have enabled the Sync Contacts option
• Press sync now and your contacts should be synchronized with your Gmail account

Part 4. How to Transfer Contacts from other devices to Android or iPhone

Transferring contacts from your Android to iPhone or Android to Android is easy. The problem comes in when you want to transfer data from other phones to iPhone or Android. Most people experience problems when trying to transfer data from say a Blackberry or Nokia to an Android device or an iPhone.

Wondershare MobileTrans should be your Software of choice if you are looking to transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps from one phone to another. The beauty of using Wondershare MobileTrans is that it works very easily. You can transfer all of your data in one click.

The other methods we have discussed above may help you transfer contacts but not other data. Wondershare MobileTrans will help you get all the data you want from any phone to another all in one click.

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Note: For Mac users, you can try Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac to move contacts to new Android phone.

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