Top 4 Ways to Transfer Music to iOS 9 Apple Devices

It's a pleasant experience to listen to the music on iOS 9 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However, sometimes, due to iTunes sync and network issues, it's not always so easy to transfer songs to iOS 9 devices. Fortunately, we still can transfer songs to iOS 9 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with different ways. The following tells you 4 ways to transfer songs for an iOS 9 device. You can choose the right one according to your situation.

Solution 1. Transfer songs to iOS 9 with the TunesGo

First, let's be honest. You sometimes want to grab songs from your friends' computers to your iOS 9 device, right? Ok, this will bring you into a dilemma. On one hand, you want to get these songs freely. On the other hand, if you sync them to your iPhone with the iTunes on your friend's computer, everything on your iOS 9 device will be erased. In this case, you should try the desktop software - Wondershare TunesGo. It allows you to transfer songs to any iOS 9 device directly from a computer without syncing and copy songs from an iOS 9 device to computer for sharing. And during the process, no data on your iOS 9 device will be erased. Get its trial version below and check out how to use it>>

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Wondershare TunesGo is a comprehensive tool to transfer music between a computer and iOS devices. It helps to manage music as well. On it, you can create your own playlists and remove unwanted songs.

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Solution 2. Transfer songs to iOS 9 with iTunes

When transferring songs to iOS 9 is mentioned, the first tool you might think of is iTunes. To transfer songs to iOS 9 based iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via an iTunes, first you should ensure that the device is associated with the iTunes. Otherwise media files on your iOS 9 device will be erased. Connect your iOS 9 device with computer and launch iTunes Library. Click Show Sidebar in View menu on the ribbon. Click your iOS device under Devices and click Music tab. Check Sync Music and click Sync.

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iTunes is a perfect tool to manage music. However, it can't allow you to share songs to different iOS devices freely.

Solution 3. Transfer songs to iOS 9 with iCloud

After turning on the iCloud, whenever and wherever you purchase a song, the song will be available instantly on your iOS 9 device. iCloud also makes it easy for you to access to your past purchased music in iTunes Store on your iOS device as well. Launch the iTunes app on your iOS device and log in with your Apple ID. Tap the Purchased icon on the window and select Music. Then you can download your past purchased music to your iOS 9 device. Follow the steps to transfer songs to iOS 9 by enabling iCloud.

  1. Turn on iCloud: Tap Settings > iCloud to enter your Apple ID.
  2. Enable automatically download: Tap Settings > iTunes & App Stores > turn on the virtual switches associated with Music.
  3. To make full use of iCloud, you should set iCould on your Mac or PC.

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Note: As you see that iCloud only transfer iTunes Store of the App Store purchased songs to your iOS 9 device. Songs you've ripped from CD or downloaded from the internet can't be transferred until you enable the iTunes Match service in iCloud. It'll cost you $24.99 per year but allows you to a full access to your entire personal digital music library from all of your computers and devices that are associated with your iCloud account.

Solution 4. Transfer songs to iOS 9 with Dropbox

If you don't want to spend a penny to transfer music to an iOS device, you might need to use an Cloud based service, like Dropbox. You can download and install Dropbox both on your computer and the iOS 9 device. Create an account for Dropbox. Drop songs to Dropbox on your computer and sync it. On your iOS device, log in Dropbox with the same account and sync it. And then you can see that songs you're dropped in are there on your iOS 9 device.

transfer songs to ios 9

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