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Hey ocn I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am lost on how to get music on here. I am so used to the luxury of iTunes and how easy it was. So what's the best way to put music on here and how? Thanks.

Method 1: Add music to Samsung Galaxy by mounting it to disk mode

Want to put music on Samsung Galaxy phones, like Samsung S3? Well, it's an easy job. Mount your Samsung Galaxy Serial phones to disk mode on the computer via a USB cable. When its disk drive shows up, you can open it and choose the music folder. Then, browse your computer to find your wanted music files and copy and paste them to your phones of Samsung Galaxy Serial.

This method is totally free, and you can do it easily. However, if the music files that you add are encoded by WMA, FLAC, AIF, AMR, MKA, and more, you will find that they can't be played. Besides, what if you want to transfer music from iTunes, iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Samsung Galaxy phone?

Method 2: Put music on Samsung Galaxy from the computer & iTunes with a tool

Looking for an easy way to transfer and convert music from the computer or iTunes to a Samsung Galaxy phone? I highly recommend you the Wondershare MobileGo for Android or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) comes to you. It's a versatile desktop Android manager, which lets you drag and drop lots of music files from the computer to Samsung Galaxy phones, import playlists in iTunes. It converts many music files, like AC3, AMR and WMA, to Samsung optimized ones – MP3. In addition, it offers you the online music download center which empowers you to directly download songs and transfer to your Samsung Galaxy phones.

Download this program to know how to put music on a Samsung Galaxy.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

The steps to put music on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet are taken with the Windows version. For Mac users, you can scan the steps below and take the similar steps.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer

Install and launch this Android manager on your computer. The primary window pops up. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone with the computer by using a USB cable. For Windows users, you can also make the connection via Wi-Fi.

put music on samsung galaxy

Note: Here, you can check the supported Samsung device, Android operating system and audio formats.

Step 2. Put music on Samsung Galaxy

In the left sidebar, find Music. Click it to bring up the music window. On the top line, click Add. In the pop-up file browser window, find and choose the songs that you want to add to your Samsung Galaxy. Click Open.

When this Android manager detects that the added songs have incompatible formats, it asks you whether you'd like to convert them to songs in MP3 format. Click Yes to convert them.

how to put music on samsung galaxy

Want to import iTunes playlists to your Samsung Galaxy phone? Click the triangle under Add and choose Import iTunes Playlists.

how to add music to samsung galaxy

To download music online to your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. Click Wontube MP3 Download in the left sidebar. You will see many popular songs there. Search your wanted songs and click download icon. By clicking the cross, you can also add your favorite music websites. Likewise, find songs and download to your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

add music to samsung galaxy

That's the steps about how to add music to Samsung Galaxy phone and tables. Easy and convenient, isn't it? Now, download this Android manager to try it yourself.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Method 3: Transfer music from iDevice/Nokia/Android phone to the Galaxy phone

Just switch from an old phone to an Samsung Galaxy phone? Want to transfer music between them? You can give a try to the Wondershare MobileTrans, which can transfer all songs on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nokia Symbian phone, Android phone to the Samsung Galaxy phone with a simple click.

Download Win Version

Step 1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy phone and the other phone

Use two USB cables to connect both Samsung Galaxy phone and the other Android/Symbina/iOS device to the computer. The Wondershare MobileTrans will scan them immediately. Then, in the primary window, you can see the two phones and the supported content.

copy music to samsung galaxy

Step 2. Copy music from one phone to Samsung Galaxy

After ticking music, you can begin the music transfer by clicking Start Copy.

transfer music to samsung galaxy

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