How to Put Music on HTC One X

After having the HTC One X, you may want to add music from the computer or iTunes library to it for entertainment. However, if the songs can't be played on HTC One X, you have to figure out a way to convert them before enjoying.

No sweat. To put music on HTC One X, you can try Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Windows) or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac). It's a professional Android manager, empowering you to add and convert any music file from computer or import playlists in iTunes Library to your HTC One X. Additionally, this Android manager allows you to add some popular music websites and download music from them conveniently.

Download the free trial version to scan how to add music to HTC One X.

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How to put music on HTC One X

Choose the right version and install it on your Windows PC or Mac. Run it. In this article, let's do the music transfer with Wondershare MobileGo for Android.

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Step 1. Connect your HTC One X to the computer

Two ways to make the connection. One is to connect your HTC One X to the computer by plugging into a USB cable. The other is to via WiFi. Choose the way you like. MobileGo for Android will recognize your HTC One X as soon as possible. Then, you can view its data in the primary window.

Note: For the Mac users, you can connect your HTC One X to the Mac. WiFi is not available when using the Mac version.

how to put music htc one x

Step 2. Add music to HTC One X

Here, I'll show you how to put music on a HTC One X in details.

Download music to HTC One X.

At the top left corner of the primary window, go to "Wontube MP3 Download". Find the song and download them.

Or, click Cross to pop up a small window. Then, input your favorite music website names and URLs. Click "Ok". Then, these websites will be shown on the left column. Click any music website to search your wanted songs. Download them.

Then, at the lower left corner, click "Downloads". In the Download window, you can check the music downloading process. The songs will be saved directly on your HTC One X and your computer at the same time.

add music to htc one x

Add music from computer to HTC One X.

In the left column, click "Music" to show the music window. Click the triangle under "Add". In the pull-down window, choose "Add Folder or "Add File". Browse your computer to find the music files or folder. Then, add it or them to your HTC One X. When receiving the note telling you whether you want to convert the files or not, click "Yes". Then, MobileGo for Android will load and convert incompatible music files to HTC One X friendly ones.

how to add music to htc one x

Import iTunes playlists.

In the primary window, click "Import iTunes Playlists" on the bottom line. All playlists in your iTunes playlists are displayed in the pop-up window. Just uncheck your unwanted playlists. Then, click "OK" to start to import playlists.

putting music on htc one x

Download MobileGo for Android to try putting music on HTC One X.

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