How to Transfer and Play YouTube FLV on Android

YouTube, as the biggest online video sharing site, has become the first choice for people to find music, videos, TV shows and more. But the format of all videos here is FLV, which can't be played on Android phone or tablets. Then how can you transfer and play YouTube FLV videos on Android phone or tablet? If there is such a tool that can convert and transfer FLV to Android phone or tablet, it will be fantastic! You are lucky, here comes Wondershare MobileGo for Android, a professional Android manager, which can help to convert and transfer FLV, WMA, AVI and many video formats to your Android phone or tablet. Let's have a try here.

Download this Android manager to your PC.

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Note: MobileGo for Android fully supports many Android phone or tables. Here, you can check lots of supported Android devices and supported Android OS.

How to play FLV on Android

At first, lets' look at the connection window after launching this Android manager on your PC.

flv on android

Step 1. Connect the Android phone/tablet to the PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi

Now, either use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect your Android phone to the PC. This Android manager will detect the Android phone or tablet immediately. Then, your Android phone or tablet shows up in the starting window.

play flv on android

Step 2. Play YouTube on Android phone or tablet

Then choose "Videos" in the left sidebar to show the video window. Before transferring and converting FLV videos, you can choose a video quality. On the upper right corner, click the second icon. In the pull-down menu, choose "Setting" > "Video Conversion". select your wanted video quality.

youtube to android

Then, in the video window, click "Add" to show the file browser window. Navigate to the folder where you save FLV videos. Select the videos you want and click "Open" to transfer them.

play youtube to android

When transferring FLV videos, you may receive a note telling you the movies you are transferring are not supported by the Android phone or tablet. When this happens, you need to convert them for your phone. Choose "Yes" to convert FLV videos. And they will be directly added to your Android phone or tablet after the conversion.

You can see the process of the conversion and transfer. When it's done, you can check the videos in the video window. And you also can remove the videos by selecting the video clips and click "Delete" on the top menu.

Here you can enjoy your videos on your Android phone now. Additionally, Wondershare MobileGo for Android can help to transfer photos and convert music to your Android phone or tablet, as well as backup your contacts and SMS between your phone and computer.

Want to have a better understanding of the tutorial? Just watch the video.

There is also another way for you to play YouTube videos on Android phone – Wondershare Player for Android. With it, you don't have to download any other app to watch YouTube videos online. To save your money, you can even cache the videos and watch them offline. Besides, it supports various popular video formats including FLV. So if you’ve downloaded various YouTube videos on your phone, just install this player and enjoy the seamlessly playback progress!

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transfer flv to android

Choose the best way for your own, and enjoy your YouTube videos on your Android phone easily on the go now!

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