how to transfer data from one phone to another

When you get a new phone, you have to face the thorny problem - how to transfer data from the old phone to the new one. If the two phones run the same OS, like Android, you can easily transfer data between two phones. However, things become much tougher when the two phones are from two different platforms, Android and iOS for example. There're some free solutions through the internet, however, they turns out to be very complex. To make the phone to phone data transfer, I would like to recommend a third party tool – the Wondershare MobileTrans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac. It's regarded as a one-click phone transfer tool, transferring music, photos, contacts and more between phones running on Android, iOS and Symbian. Sounds great, right? The following part shows you the detailed steps. Just read on.

Phone to Phone File Transfer in 1 Click

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The phone transfer tool enables you to transfer music, video, photos, text messages and contacts from one cell phone to another.

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Wondershare MobileTrans

  • Transfer contacts, music, video, SMS, photos, calendar and more from one phone to another
  • Move data between any two phones running on Android, iOS and Symbian easily
  • Support different networks, like AT&T, Sprint, Versizon and T-mobile
  • Backup a phone to the computer and restore to another phone later

Note: The Mac version doesn't support Nokia (Symbian) phone. It doesn't let you backup and restore phone data.

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Why Choose Wondershare MobileTrans

phone to phone file transfer

Easy and Simple to Use

It can't be easier to transfer data from one phone to another. Just 1 click, and everything is done!
transfer files from phone to phone

Not just Transfer Contacts

It gives you the chance to transfer contacts, music, photos, SMS, photos, calendar, and more from phone to phone.
how to transfer files from phone to phone

Supported devices

It fully supports many phones, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, iDevice, Motorola, and more.
transfer files phone to phone

Cross Phone Carriers

No matter whether you phones are of the same network or different networks, it just do the transfer for you.

The Supported Files

The files can be transferred are different according to the different OS of the phones. Thus, before reading the tutorial, you can check the supported files first.

The Mac version doesn't allow you to move files to or from Nokia (Symbian) phone.

  Contacts Photos SMS Music Video Apps Call Log Calendar
Transfer iOS to Android

Transfer Android to iOS

transfer android to android
Transfer Nokia(Symbian) to Android

Transfer iOS to iOS

Transfer Nokia (Symbian) to iOS

Transfer Android to Nokia(Symbian)

Transfer iPhone to Nokia (Symbian)

Transfer Nokia to Nokia (Symbian)

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Phone

Things you should know
1. Install iTunes: To transfer files to or from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you need to install iTunes on your computer.
2. Transfer contacts in the accounts: To transfer contacts in the iCloud, Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail and other accounts, you ought to sign in the accounts on your source phone first.

Step 1. Run This Tool

After installation, you can run the phone transfer tool on the computer. In the homepage, choose Phone to phone transfer and click Start.

transfer contacts from phone to phone

Step 2. Connect Two Phones to the Computer

Connect the two phones to the computer with USB cables. The phone transfer tool will recognize them at once. Then, as you see in the screenshot, the two phones are shown in the phone to phone transfer window.

transfer contacts from phone to phone 

Step 3. Transfer Music, Video, SMS, Photos, Contacts and More from Phone to Phone

By default, all files supported are checked. Thus, remove your unwanted file when you just want to transfer some of them. Then, start the file transfer by clicking Start Copy. From the pop-up dialog, you can check the percentage of the transfer. Finally, click OK to complete the transfer.

how to transfer data from phone to phone

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Once click to transfer contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps between phones.



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