How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android

If you just buy an Android phone, and prepare to import phone numbers or contacts from Outlook to the new phone. It's unimaginable to input contacts one by one if you have hundreds of contacts. Worse still, if your contacts are more than a sim card can hold, you can't just put the sim card to your Android phone to transfer contacts. In fact, one easy way is to sync contacts from Outlook to Android phone.

Ways to sync contacts from Outlook to Android phone:

Owners of some HTC devices like the EVO 4G can use HTC Sync 3.0, which is a specially designed Microsoft Outlook and Windows Address Book-syncing app. It synchronizes contacts and calendars from Outlook to Android. However,  HTC Sync 3.0 doesn't work with all HTC phones, and just for some latest new phones. Hit HTC's site to get more information or download Sync 3.0.

And too many Android phones lack free Outlook sync options, or some phones do not let you sync Outlook contacts with Android at once. You may need to import and export CSV files full of contacts. Then you may turn to MobileGo, which enables you to import contacts from Outlook to Android immediately and conveniently.

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Easy steps to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android:

Here you will find how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android step by step.

Step 1: Set up your Android phone

Download MobileGo on your PC. Launch it. Then connect your Android phone to your PC. Your PC will detect your device automatically.

outlook to android

Wondershare MobileG is fully compatible with various Android phones and tablets. click Supported Android Devices to get more informaiton.

Step 2: Move contacts from Outlook to Android

Go to "Contacts" Tab, and click "Import" to select "Import contacts from your computer". In the drop-down list, choose to import contacts from Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 or Outlook Express.

contacts from outlook to android

Select a contacts account to save the imported contacts. Then this program begin downloading Outlook contacts to Android. After successfully downloading, the contacts will be displayed in the contacts account. You can also move specific contacts to any group as you like here.

transfer contacts from outlook to android

If you have Outlook account on your Android phone, you can sync contacts in it to your Android phone with ease.

MobileGo is a simple and effective Android phone data manager to transfer contacts to Android. Apart from syncing Outlook to Android phone, it's available for you to manage and backup your contacts to PC , convert videos to most suitable formats for your Android phones, or backup and restore your applications with one click.

The video below guides you how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android.

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Wondershare Editor

Dec 03,2015 15:57 pm / Posted by Thomas Jones to Android

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Thank you much for recommending MobileGo. It downloaded my Outlook contacts perfectly!
endless attempts to connect my lenovo s650. any advice? my PC with the licensed mobilego has no issue syncing with my Samsung. but i need to back up into my lenovo before re-setting
Thomas Jones
Hi, the latest version of Wondershare MobileGo can sync Outlook contacts with your Android device with keeping the group structure. Besides, it''s free now. You don''t need to pay.
This is a huge flaw- I have several overlapping groups (by different operator/carriers; newer/older) and if it just takes them all it would be a big mess. Also I must say- I thought this was free too- if the main purpose of program (outlook to phone) is only on the paid pro version, you must tell people up front!
Then delete the google account to try to hide your life from the evil octopus, but that''s probably futile since they have the right to steal everything. I knew running an OS by monster Google was a bad idea- wish I''d got a Bada Samsung- the latest models were powerful + now dirt cheap.
Thomas Jones
Jazz, Wondershare MobileGo for Android supports transferring contacts in one group from Outlook to Android, excluding the group data.
I have my contacts organized into 2 groups in Outlook 2007. MobileGo is only able to see contacts in one of those groups. When it transfers just those it does not keep the group structure, it grabs all the loose contact info and puts it in my "Not Assigned" folder. How can I import both groups (or more for that matter) into my Android? And will it import all and keep the grouped data structured as it is on my PC in Outlook?
bring ur own calendar then...hehehe just joking lol..
Thomas Jones
You can transfer the contacts from outlook, when you use Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro.
Transfer from outlook is not showing up under the import tab. Only allowing for vcard import from computer.
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