One Click to switch from iOS to Samsung

Part 1: Why more and more people switch from iOS to Samsung

With the common man’s ease of access to latest technology, the hunger for getting more and more powerful devices has been increasing drastically. One particular example is the recent increase in the trend of shifting from iOS to Samsung devise. More and more people have been ditching their iPhones for Samsung devices lately. The reason? Well, there’s not just one. Instead, there’s a whole list of reasons that has made even the most loyal iOS supporters leave it for good and move on to Samsung devices.

When it really comes down to it, people nowadays want the best for the money they’re spending. From the screen size to the camera resolution to the hardware capability, everything gets reviewed critically. This is mainly because the Internet has provided even the most novice people with all the information they need in order to decide which device is really worth their money. Let’s draw a quick comparison between the two to understand better, the shift in the user selection.

iPhone Samsung
Redundancy in features. Same body design, similar screen resolution New features with every device. Enhanced with every update
No NFC NFC in even the low priced units
No significant improvement in camera pixels. The latest iPhone 6 features a mere 8 MP camera. More and more camera pixels with every new device. The latest Samsung S6 boasts a 16 MP camera
Redundancy in screen size. Before the iPhone 6, all iPhones have been featuring a 4 inch screen. iPhone 6 however, has a 4.7 inches screen and the latest iPhone 6 plus comes with a huge 5.5 inches screen Samsung has been offering its users varying screen sizes from early on. Starting with the S3 that featured a 4.8 inches display, the latest Samsung phone, S6 has a 5.1 inches screen
Apple has been really slow with regard to the 3G and LTE assimilation in its devices Samsung featured 3G a year before Apple did and similarly was quick in providing LTE support in its devices

Part 2. One click to switch from iPhone to Samsung phones

If you’re also one of the people who switched from iPhone to android than you really must have a whole lot of data in need to be transferred. You don’t need to worry, however, because Wondershare MobileTrans makes the process very easy. It is a software that allows you to transfer all your data from one device to another at the expense of a single click. You don’t need to go through all that manual labor of creating backups and sitting by your laptop or computer for the whole day selecting individual files. MobileTrans takes care of all that for you.

Having talked about what Wondershare MobileTrans has to offer, let’s see how it actually works. To begin transferring your data using Wondershare MobileTrans, follow these simple steps:

ios to huawei
  • Transfer content between Android, iDevice , WinPhone and Nokia (Symbian) in 1 click.
  • Transfer at most contacts, photos, messages, music, video, apps, calendar and call logs.
  • Backup Android, iDevice, WinPhone and Nokia (Symbian) phone data to computer.
  • Extract backups created by MobileTrans, iTunes, samsung kies, BlackBerry® Desktop Suite and more and transfer to your phone.
  • Supports various networks, like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile.
  • Support 3000+ phones running Android, Nokia (Symbian) and iOS.
4,998,239 people have downloaded it


Download Wondershare MobileTrans above and install it to your laptop or computer. The installation process normally doesn’t take long to complete so you probably wouldn’t have to wait much.


After finishing the installation process, run MobileTrans on your laptop/computer. Connect both of your devices, the iPhone and the Samsung mobile to your laptop/computer via USB cables.


As described earlier, Wondershare MobileTrans does most of your work for you; it also doesn’t require you to manually configure your devices. Wait for Wondershare MobileTrans to detect the devices automatically. Be patient if the first time initialization takes a little while as the program needs to install certain required drivers when using a device for the first time.


After the detection of both devices, you’ll see a screen similar to the following. You’ll notice it shows both of the devices involved. Also notice the “Flip” button that can be used to change the Source and Destination device with a mere click. The menu at the center indicates the files that are to be copied to destination device.

iOS to Samsung


Select all the data that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Samsung by checking the corresponding boxes to desired data options. Click “Start Copy” once you’re done selecting.


A progress bar will appear showing the progress of completed progress in percentage. It will also be indicating the status of the individual data transfers. Those that would have been transferred will have a “Success” written against them. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.

iOS to Samsung


Once the transferring process is complete, you can detach your phones from your laptop/computer safely and start using your new Samsung device with all your previous data already transferred to it.

Part 3. Poll: Are you an iPhone user or a Samsung user?

Let’s see how many of you are still loyal to your iPhones. Vote below to select the current device that you’re using and let’s see who wins in this battle of cell-phones featuring cutting edge technology!

Option 1. iPhone

Option 2. Samsung

Option 3. Neither

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