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Transfer Music from iPod touch to iTunes with Ease

There are several reasons which lead to the subjected phenomenon and for the same reason it is also to be noted that the top of them is the fact that a user wants to keep the music safe and secure all the time with the help of iPod touch sync with the iTunes as the computer is always much safer than iPod which a user can lose any time. To avoid this problem the user prefers to sync iPod with the iTunes without any delay. However this action brings on other inconveniences which user at times find annoying to cope with. In this tutorial not only all such inconveniences will be discussed but the user will also be enlightened how one can overcome these issues without any issue and restriction. It is also to be noted that the best action plan will also be given to the users so that they can act upon it without any problem and all step by step guides will also be included in this regard. To get the best out of the tutorial it is advised to make sure that the steps are followed under expert guidance if the user finds any of them difficult.

Part 1: Why to Transfer Music from iPod touch to iTunes?

There are different scenarios due to which a person needs to make sure that the music is transferred to the iTunes. The three top reasons are listed as follows to make sure that the user also gets to know the scenarios due to which the problem occurs.

1Lost music in iTunes Library while have these songs on iPod touch

It is one of the most common reasons especially when multiple iDevices are connected to the same iTunes or synced with it. To make sure that the best is delivered to the users in this regard it is advised to make sure that a separate folder is created in the iTunes and the iPod synced songs are then transferred to that folder so that the collection remains in another location separately. It will also make sure that such problem is never faced and user continues to enjoy the songs from the iPod without any mixture of music with that of other iDevices.

2For backup

At times the user gets the best songs from any friend or relative and now wants to transfer it to the iTunes to make sure that the a backup is created and it is also ranked as one of the top reasons in this regard. The iPod is definitely a smaller device as compared to any PC or laptop so making a backup with iTunes reduces the risk of device vulnerability and if for any unforeseen circumstances the device is lost or stolen then the backup is there for the users as data is always considered more important than device.

3Transfer music from my old iPod Touch to a new one on iTunes

If a person has changed the device from old to new one then it is very important to note that the new device is to be synced with the iTunes to make sure that the data of the new device remains safe and secure and hence it is the third top reason on our list. The new device backup is considered as extremely important by the users and hence they make sure that the needful is done in a manner that is awesome and as per their desire.

Part 2: how to transfer music from ipod touch to itunes

The easiest and the safest way of making sure that the music is transferred from iPod touch to iTunes without any copywriting issues it is advised to download TunesGo onto the computer and then sync the device as it will allow the users to get the best results without any issue and problem. The TunesGo has no copyrights restrictions and hence it works in a manner that is far much better than iTunes when it comes to transferring music to the system to create backup. Following is the process to be followed in this regard.

i. The trail version of the product is to be downloaded from https://www.wondershare.com/tunesgo/ and should be installed onto the system so that the icon appears on the desktop. Once done the software is to launched and the iPod should be connected to the system so that it is detected.


ii. The user then click "Copy to iTunes library" to make sure that the music content is displayed.

iii. The user then needs to select music from the top bar and media from the left menu bar to make sure that the process finishes and the iPod contents are transferred to the iTunes.



  • There are no iTunes related copyright restrictions issues.
  • The synced data can be transferred to android device as well.
  • The data that has been transferred in this regard can be managed as per the user's will and desire.
  • This software comes with lifetime license upgrade. Only one time purchase is required.
  • The streaming websites can also be used as personalized music source.


  • The software has a fixed price that is not altered by the company.
  • There is no cloud backup using this program and hence when it is deleted then the related data also vanishes.

Part 3: Free way to transfer Music from iPod touch to iTunes

Following is the process that is to be followed in this regard.

i. The settings button is to be tapped from the home screen to trigger the process.


ii. The user then needs to make sure that the iCloud tab is clicked within the settings.


iii. The relevant login details are to be filled and the SignIn button is to be pressed.


iv. The data is then to be merged to make sure that the process continues.


v. Set location preference.


vi. The @icloud.com email address is then to be created to sync notes.


vii. The data is then to be backed up.


viii. The iCloud data backup is also to be clicked to make sure that the process completes.


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TunesGo frees your music, doing what iTunes can’t.