How to Transfer Music from iPod classic to Computer

Why do you want to transfer music from iPod classic to computer?

With the biggest storage space among all iPod models and its excellent tone quality, iPod classic are quite popular among music lovers. Provided that you have saved tremendous songs on your iPod classic and now want to transfer to your brand-new computer for backup and enjoyment. Or, you encounter a computer crash or hard drive failure, so you want to copy music from iPod classic to computer. Then, what method you will take to complete the task?

In cases like these, if you haven't come up with good idea to copy music from iPod classic to computer, don't worry. Here's a good way for you. You can try a useful program – Wondershare TunesGo Retro. With its help, you can copy iPod classic music to your computer in 2 steps. Besides transferring music to computer, you can transfer music on iPod classic back to iTunes as well.

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How to transfer music from iPod classic to computer

Below are the detailed steps to move iPod classic music to PC. Download the free trial version of this application.

Step 1. Connect iPod classic to PC after running this program

To get started, install and then run this application on your PC. Use a USB cable to connect your iPod classic with your PC. After this application detects your iPod classic, you can view all data on your iPod classic from the left-side column.

transfer music from ipod classic to computer

Note: You must install iTunes on your PC before using this program to stream songs from iPod classic to computer.

Step 2. Transfer iPod classic music to computer

Click "Media", the tab in the left-side column. After the media window appears on the right side, click "Music". Then, all your songs are listed here. Select songs you want to export. And then, click "Export to". This brings up a file browser window. Choose a folder to save the exported songs. After that, this application starts moving songs. Don't forget to keep your iPod classic connected all the time.

copy music from ipod classic to computer

Note: Wondershare TunesGo Retro is fully compatible with all iPod classic models: iPod classic 3, iPod classic 2 and iPod classic.

That's done! You have exported music from iPod classic to your computer. Well, to transfer music to your coomputer from iPod classic, you can also directly click "To Folder", the button at the bottom line in the primary window.

transfer ipod classic music to computer

Addionally, if you have save warious playlists on your iPod classic, you 're able to move to your computer as well. in the left column, click "Playlist". All playlists will be on the right panel. After choosing your favorite playlists,you should click "Export to". when the pull-down list appears, you ought to select "Export to My computer". Then the file browser window pops up. Set a location on your computer to save the exported playlists.

ipod classic to computer

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Apr 09,2014 14:19 pm / Posted by Thomas Jones to iPod

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Thomas Jones
Anthony, open iTunes and click "Edit">"Reference">"Devices". Check whether the bar - "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically" is ticked off or not. If you want to automatically sync your iPhone/iPod/iPad with iTunes every time you open iTunes, you just need to uncheck the bar. Besides, if you want to transfer the song you downloaded from net to iTunes, you can drag and drop it to the iTunes music section.
Anthony McCarthy
Hi Thomas, I have a song on my iPod classic, which I just love. I downloaded it not from iTunes, but from the net. I can no longer find this webpage, which I spent some time looking for. My question is, when I connect my iPod classic to my PC, it is set to automatically open up iTunes. Doesn’t this mean that iTunes will sync my iPod with my iTunes music collection, before I can open Wondershare MobileGo, and therefore I will lose this song? Please help. Thanks Anthony
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