How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android

With an Android phone or tablet, you may like to transfer music from computer to Android now and then. Then, you can enjoy fair-sounding songs at any time. Well, it’s effortless to transfer music files to your Android phone or tablet. Here, I’d like to share you two easy ways to do that.

Method 1: Copy music from computer to Android with a program

To copy music files to your Android phone or tablet easily, I’d like to recommend you a well designed computer to android transferWondershare MobileGo for Android or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac). With this computer to android transfer, you can quickly copy all music files to your Android at once. Additionally, when the format of music file is incompatible with Android, like WMA, MKA, AMR, this program will help you transfer it to Android optimized one – MP3.

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Note: In the part below, I’ll show you how to transfer music to Android from your computer running Windows operating system. If you want to do the music transferring on Mac, you should download the Mac version. The steps are almost the same.

Step1. Connect Android with your computer

To begin with, install and launch this PC to android transfer on your computer. Connect your Android phone or tablet with your PC either via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi can only be used in Windows version). Then, this PC to android transfer begins to detect your Android phone and tablet. When it’s done, your Android will be shown in the primary window.

music from computer to android

Note: Wondershare MobileGo for Android is fully compatible with all Android phones and tablets, like Samsung, HTC, and Google. You can click More to get more info about supported Android devices.

Step2. Transfer music from computer to Android phone

In the left column, click "Music". Click "Add". When the small window pops up, you should find your wanted songs. Click "Open" to import them. Or you can click the little inverted triangle under "Add" to import music folder or iTunes playlists as well.

During the music transferring process, if the music file has incompatible format, this PC to android transfer will convert it to compatible one - MP3.

 transfer music from computer to android

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

The video is about how to move music from computer to Android device

Method 2: Download music from computer to Android with SD card

Without program, you can export music from your computer to Android as well. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer. Then, a disk will appear in "My Computer". Open it. Find and open the music folder. Then, navigate to the location where you save music on your computer. Choose your wanted songs and copy them to the music folder on your Android phone or tablet.

Indeed, two ways are available. However, I prefer the method 1. Although you can export music from computer to Android without any program in method 2, you will still encounter some difficulties. If you import some favorite songs with incompatible format, you can’t enjoy them on your Android. Worse still, if your USB cable is broken, you can’t complete the task. While, if you use TunesGo, you can use Wi-Fi. It’s so convenient.

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Thomas Jones
Well, you can try to connect via WiFi. Please download and install MobileGo app on your Android device. Then, open MobileGo app and use it to scan the QR code in the desktop MobileGo software.
hi.actually my computers speakers are ruined and i meant to use my mobiles(g2) instead.but i can connect them with this sofware. i tried usb connection but at end there is just an error measage which says 1 change your usb ..2., ..& 3.. any suggestion or..? what about an other software or way?
I will just buy a bigger SD Card. ;-) Thanks for advise and quick responses. Awesome Product and Service!!! You just convinced me to purchase the Full Version!
Thomas Jones
Android phone doesn't let you store music on it. If you really want to do that, you need to root your Android phone. However, I have to say rooting may take your Android phone under risk, so you'd better think it over.
I am sorry... I meant the reverse. Is there a way to move music off the SD card to the phone? My phone has more memory storage than my SD card.
Thomas Jones
Hi, dedjr21, you don't have to, because, by default, music is saved on SD card not the phone memory card.
How do move music off the phone memory storage on the SD card? I see the option available Apps. But don't see the option available for music.
Thomas Jones
Yvonne, actually, there's not any limit of music transfer when using MobileGo for Android. As for your questions, Please check: 1. Did you directly transfer music from S2 to S4 with MobileGo for Android? 2. Did you receive any notice during the music transfer? 3. Could you offer us the music files that can't be played on S4? So, we could try our best to find out the reason and solve it. My Email Address: 4. What's the kind of music files that failed to be transferred? 5. Did you even lose the music info of the music files successfully transferred to S4? Look forward for your reply.
Firstly Thomas, I wish to thank you very much for this tutorial. I downloaded this app back when I first got my Samsung Galaxy S2, and now that I just got my new S4 I'm muddling my way through it. I have 645 songs on my S2, but only 288 of them have transferred (using Wondershare's app) A second problem I've encountered is that I have up to 3 copies of the same song, but two of the copies will not play right, as if the file was from a different format but did not convert properly. And thirdly, a lot of the artist or album info, i.e. title of song or artist's name, did not transfer though it is on my S2. Is there a maximum of songs one can transfer using the free trial version? Is this my problem? Or, have I done something wrong? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Very sincerely, Yvonne
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