How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to iOS Devices

Own a Blackberry and thinking to switch to Apple? BlackBerry has lot its grandeur and Apple’s charm still stands on its own. You don’t only need an iPhone to talk; you have the iOS store that is one of the largest in the world.

iOS devices are one of the major smartphone developers in the world. Apple has set the highest standards for any smartphone manufacturer with its innovative and powerful technology. The iPhones are known for their style, design, performance, and reliability. If you are replacing your phone with new iPhone, you may want to transfer data.

1.    The data you will be transferring will include contacts, text messages, videos, audios, images, apps and call logs. These data types are accessed a certain type of applications. Hence, you will require a compatible version of apps to access it on iOS.

2.    Each data will have to transfer separately from BlackBerry to iOS.

3.    For data like Contacts, you will have to sync using different methods as they are not available as files. They can be transferred by using a file called vCard, which carries all your contacts.

4.    Transferring data one by one would take hours, and you also run the risk of misplacing a file or transferring malware.

The best way to make this transfer easy is by using third party software like MobileTrans, which allows you to import Blackberry backup to iOS. The transfer of data from BlackBerry to iOS devices can be divided into two parts:

1. Exporting Blackberry Backup file to PC using Blackberry Desktop Manager.

2. Second, part allows you to transfer the files to your iOS by restoring files from the Backup file saved on your computer.

Exporting Blackberry backup

Before you can transfer data to your iOS, you will have to create a backup of files from your BlackBerry. This backup file carries all your phone content in one file. Make sure the Backup is updated one. Here are the requirements to export backup:

1.    BlackBerry Desktop
2.    BlackBerry phone
3.    USB cable
4.    Computer

Just open the Blackberry Desktop and connect your phone. It will detect your phone. Once detected just click on Backup and save the file onto your computer.


Easy solution: 1 click to transfer data from HTC to iOS Devices

Looking for an easy way to transfer data from your BlackBerry device to your iPhone and iOS device? You can use a software like Wondershare MobileTrans.

Wondershare MobileTrans

MobileTrans is 1-click data transfer software. You can transfer your complete data from Blackberry to iOS with simple one. This software runs on computer and transfers data using USB connection. Full version can be downloaded from Wondershare website. There are both windows and Mac version. 

  1. Software can allow the transfer between any smartphones from iOS, Android, windows and Nokia. It is known to support around 3000 models of phones.
  2. You can easily back up your phone data and restore it to the original quality.
  3. Software also has erase option, which erase all the data from the phone and restore it to factory settings. This options great when your are looking to sell the phone or transfer the user.
  4. Interface of the software is easy and process take only few minutes.

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

Steps to transfer Backup to iOS using MobileTrans

MobileTrans makes the complicated process of data transfer between two different OS easy. Install the software on your pc and make sure you go through guide if any doubts on how to use the software. Here are the requirements for the method:

  1. MobileTrans software
  2. Computer Mac or Windows
  3. USB cable

Step 1

Start the software and go to the option Restore from Backups. It is the option in green. Now just select to restore from the Blackberry Backup.


Step 2

Now the software will wait for you to connect your phone. As source select your Backup file from the computer and make your iOS device as your destination. From the middle panel just select the content you want to transfer to your iPhone and click on Start Copy.


Step 3

On next window you can see the transfer progress. The time take will depend on the size of the data transferred.


Once the process finished, remove the cable and you can see the data on your iOS device. Open the respective apps to see the data.

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