How Do You Clear Cache on Android Devices?

What do you do if your phone is slowing down? How can you ensure that you can keep your privacy? How can you free up that extra bit of space that you really can do without?

Deleting cache is the answer.

For instance, Google Chrome creates cache of details of whatever you browse through the browser  in your phone. It takes up extra space, slows down the phone and others can get access to your browsing activities if they take your Android phone.

Cache is background data, which is used by the device to remember the past activities. However, most of the time cache data is useless and hogs great amount of space on your device. It can also slow down the experience on the device. Hence, it is necessary to clear the cache regularly. There are cache stored by apps, and browsers. Moreover, cookies also take some data.


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Part 1. How to clear app cache on Android devices

Every app saves some data in the form cache, which allows it to perform the same task again without much processing. However, hardly it requires same data in future. Here are the few steps that you can use to clear the cache of the app.

  1. Go to the settings on your Android device. Now, tap on Apps.
  2. On the next screen you will see list of apps. Choose the app that requires cache cleaning. List also shows the size of the app on the device, which is again good indication of amount of cache stored by the app.
  3. When you choose the app, you are led to App info where you can see the detail information of the data used by the app. Scroll down to see the Cache data. To clear the data just tap on Clear Cache.

You will have to clear the cache of the each app individually. Makes sure the app is not running in the background as you can lose vital information.

Part 2. How to clear browser cache from Android

The browser will store lots of data in the form of cache. This cache allows browser to open a site without having to download the same website data again. However, if you do not open most of the website regularly, you may want to delete the cache. Browser cache store history, download, password processing data etc. You can use the above method to clear the browser cache but if you want control the browser offer more control over which data you want to delete because do not want delete you saved password and login information.

  1. Go to the top right corner of the chrome and tap on the vertical dots. Now go to settings.
  2. Now scroll down to Advanced category and select Privacy.
  3. On next screen, go at the bottom to Clear Browsing Data.
  4. You will various options to choose from. If you do not want browser to forget saved password and autofill data, ‘un-tick’ them.

This method gives much better control over the browser data you delete than the above method.

Part 3. How to clear cookies from Android

Cookies allows website to know what you are searching on the internet and website can offer related options. However, cookies does have their own size and can drag down the browsing speed. You must delete cookies every few weeks to keep the browsing experience at its best. Here are the steps that you can follow to clear the cookies.

  1. Go to top right corner of the Chrome to access the menu. Choose history.
  2. Now wait for the chrome to show you’re the browsing history. Right at the bottom there is option “clear browsing data”. Tap on it.
  3. You can choose which data you want to delete. As you want to clear cookies make sure, cookies option checked. Now just tap on clear.

Click to clear Android caches/cookies permanently.

The a bove process requires you to do lot of work if you want clear different caches and cookies. There too many apps on your phone, above method will take time. Hence, a third software solution can does the job in few clicks.

Part 4. 1 click to clear Android caches/cookies permanently

MobileGo is developed Wondershare that offers complete mobile utility feature. All you have to do is install the MobileGo app on your Android device and allow it to do the job for you.

nokia to android

Here are the features of the MobileGo:

  1. You can manage the media on your phone with functions like download, mange, import-export with simple steps.
  2. You can manage mobile essentials like duplicate contacts, switch devices, managing apps, and backup-restore.
  3. In addition, it has advanced functions such as recover lot data, gain high permissions for improved device functionality.

4,262,817 people have downloaded it

Here is how you can use the software to clear the caches/cookies

Requirement: Install MobileGo:

  1. Open the software on you device. It will show the storage information. Just tap on Phone Cleaner.
  2. It automatically scans for the cache, Junk files, cookies, and many more. It also shows the amount of space will be free after the cleaning. Now just tap on clean.
  3. After that a confirmation process will be displayed showing the cache has been cleared.

You can use these use regularly like in two-three days to clear the cache. The process is simple and takes only few seconds to clean you phone. Now, clearing your phone cache is as simple as it gets!


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