How to delete photos from iphone (iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s Included)

Most people delete photos from iphone mostly because photos occupy so much space. A survey we have done shows that more than 42.37% of people has more than 400 photos on their own iPhone, and 26.49% of people has more than 800 photos on their phone. It's hard to believe, right? That's the truth. Generally speaking, 750 photos will occupy 1.7GB. If your iPhone comes with only 16GB, then you have to take some action to free up the space regularly. And one the action should be deleting photos from iphone. Choose the right way below to remove photos from your iPhone according to your needs.

Part 1. Steps to Delete Photos on Your iPhone Manually

If you just want to delete less than 10 photos on your iPhone, then you just need to delete it manually on your iPhone. It's very simple to complete the task.

Tap Photos app on your iPhone, and open the album where the photos you want to delete are. Tap the 'Select' option on the top right. And then tap the photos one by one to select them. After then, tap the dustbin at the bottom right. In the pop-up, it will tell you how many photos are going to be deleted. Tap the button to confirm the deletion. That's it.

If you've upgraded your iPhone to iOS 9 or you're using iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus, to delete photos, you should tap Photos app > open 'Recently Added' > tap 'Select' > select photos and tap the dustbin at the lower right corner.

how to permanently delete photos from iphone

Note: after deleting photos from iphone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus or other iPhones running in iOS 9, your deleted photos actually not go right away. They're removed to the folder 'Recently Deleted' from where the deleted photos will be kept for 30 days. If you also want to remove them from there, go to 'Recently Deleted' > tap 'Select' > choose photos > tap 'Delete' to remove them. And you can see that in 'Recently Deleted' folder, after selecting photos, there is another option 'Recover'. You can click it the recover the photos you've deleted on your iPhone.

how to permanently delete photos from iphone

Part 2. Quickly delete all photos from iphone, both in Camera Roll (captured photos) and Photo Library (synced from iTunes)

Some people say that they want a way to quickly delete all photos from iphone. That's very simple. You can delete all photos from iphone by following the method below:

Delete all photos from Camera Roll (photos captured by your iPhone)

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with your computer, both Mac and Windows computer will do. If you're using a Mac, then launch Image Capture or iPhoto on your Mac. In the left sidebar, click your iPhone. In the right side, select all photos and click the delete icon to delete all photos from your iPhone Camera Roll. If you've used iPhoto to backup photos from your iPhone to your Mac, after the backup, a pop-up also will appear, asking you whether to delete all photos or not. Confirm the deletion. If you're using a Windows PC, after connecting your iPhone with your PC, in 'My Computer' , find your iPhone and click to open it. In the folder, find and select all photos. Click 'Delete' key to delete all photos from your iPhone Camera Roll.

how to permanently delete photos from iphone

Delete all photos from Photo Library (photos synced from iTunes)

Connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes. Click your iPhone in iTunes and navigate to the Photos tab from where you've synced your photos. In there, check 'Sync Photos from' and choose an empty folder to sync photos with your iPhone. After then, you can see that all synced photos on your iPhone just gone.

how to permanently delete photos from iphone

Part 3. Permanently delete photos from iphone

Methods introduced in part 1 and part 2 can delete photos from iphone, but can't delete photos from your iPhone completely. With the software, Wondershare dr.fone for ios, you can recover deleted photos from your iPhone easily. It means if your iPhone ends at other people's hand and you have some important photos, then it's very dangerous because people can recover them. That's why some celebrity's nudes have leaked out so easily. In this case, you might want to permanently delete photos from your iPhone. To do it, you should use Wondershare SafeEraser. It's developed to erase photos from iPhone securely. After using it, even dr.fone for ios can't recover any photos from your iPhone. Below are the steps to permanently delete photos from iphone with Wondershare SafeEraser.


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Step 1 Delete photos from your iPhone

Open Photos app on your iPhone. Find the photos you want to delete. Tap 'Select ' to select photos and tap the dustbin at the lower right corner to delete them manully.

If your iPhone is iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or any iPhone running in iOS 9, first delete photos in 'Recently Added'. And then open the folder 'Recently Deleted' , use the same way to delete the photos you don't need in the folder.

how to permanently delete photos from iphone

Step 2 Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser

Both Wondershare SafeEraser (Windows) and Wondershare SafeEraser for Mac are available to be downloaded. Click the download button to get the installation package. Install and run it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

how to permanently delete pictures from iphonem

Step 3 Scan for delete photos on iPhone

In the primary, click 'Erase Deleted Files' to let the program to scan your iPhone for deleted photos. It might take a few seconds to finish the process.

permanently delete pictures from iphone

Step 4 delete photos from iphone completely

In the result page, check 'Photos' and click 'Erase Now'. Keep your iPhone connected during the process. When it has successfully deleted photos from your iPhone, a window will inform you.

Download Wondershare SafeEraser to have a try now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

how to permanently delete photos from iphone 4

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