Best 15 iOS 8 Apps to Enjoy Wonderful iOS Life

iOS 8 finally rolls out, and brings awesome new features and enhancements. Now, third-party app companies are able to hit their keyboard apps to Apple App store for iOS 8 users, and integrate their apps to Touch ID when comes to finance and password. Here, I round up top 15 apps to tell you which keyboard app is the best and what app now is linked to Touch ID.

Part 1. Best 7 Third-party Keyboard Apps for iOS 8

Since Apple announces that iOS 8 is opening up to third-party keyboard apps, many companies create or update the keyboard apps. I search the internet and find best 7 keyboard apps for you. Now, lets’ have a look at them.


SwiftKey Keyboard is used to a very popular keyboard app for Android device. Now, it comes for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

SwiftKey Keyboard lets you type on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in a fast and easy way. It gives you type suggestion accurately according to your type habit. If you spell the wrong words, SwiftKey Keyboard will automatically correct them. It also gives you the power to type in your way. Just slide from letter to letter with SwiftKey flow. Additionally, it provides you with two languages. That means, you can type naturally from one launguage to another.

Learn more about SwiftKey>>

1. Amazon - A Big Platform to Buy Anything

Amazon is a site that offers you tons of tousands of goods. You can browse, search, view product info, read and write commnents and buy your wanted products. Just sign up for it, and you can buy, view your cart, and write comments for your product.

Get more info about Amazon app for iOS 8>>

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2. LastPass - A Password Management App

LastPass is a password manager that saves all your passwords in the cloud, and offers you easy and safe access to them on computer and your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Just remember the LatsPass account, all passwords won't be lost. It empowers you to lock down the LassPass account with multifactor authentication. Additionally, it lets you make secure notes to store your credit cards, memberships & other sensitive data.

Get more info about LastPass app for iOS 8>>

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3. Simple - Serve as an Onlike Bank

Simple is an online bank app. It gives you easy access to your banking information via Touch ID. When you buy something, it can shows you spendings in seconds. By scheduling your spendings, you can consume rationally to avoid over-consumption. If you need some help, you can text it by using the app, and in a few hours, you will get respond.

Get more info about Simple app for iOS 8 >>

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4. Day One - Record Every Moment in Your Life

Day One (Journal / Notes / Diary) is like an online diary, which records all your life, from trivial matters to big events. Day One has an elegent and clean interface, making life recording a pleasure. It also offes multi-markdown text formatting to color your recording. After recording, you can lock it to protect your privacy, and unlock it with Touch ID. If you like, you can also use Dropbox or iCloud to sync entries across all your iOS devices, or backup and print it.

Learn more about Day One app for iOS 8>>

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5. Evernote - A Great Note-taking App

As its name suggests, Evernote is an easy-to-use and straightforward note-making app for iOS 8. With it, it's a piece of cake to get your notes on all iDevice you use. It syncs all notes through computer and iDevices you use and save them in the cloud. In addition, it empowers you to take notes, capture photos, record audio and video notes and more. You can also read the content, anytime and anywhere.

Learn more about Evernote for iOS 8>>

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6. Screens VNC - Access Your Computer From Anywhere

Screens VNC is a powerful screen sharing app that enables you to control your Windows, Mac or Linux PC safelywhen you're not in front of it. Besides, with iCloud, you can sync screens on all your iOS device. It also provides you with screens’ scrollable shortcuts toolbar, so that you'll always have your favorite shortcuts closed when you need them.

Learn more features about Screens VNC app for iOS 8>>

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7. Camera Plus - Capture Remotely with AirSnap

Camera Plus offers you a great tool to take perfect photos by aligning, focusing and composing. It empowers you to shoots photos and videos through remote control by using AirSnap. While shooting, it adjusts intelligently the light, to make the photos or video clearly. At the same time, it also provides you with different focus modes to choose from to capture crips shots.

Learn more about Camera Plus app for iOS 8>>

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8. Scanner Pro - Turn Your iPhone/iPad as an Scanner

Scanner Pro is an excellent app that quickly scan whiteboards, receipts, paper notes, and any multipage document on your iPhone or iPad, and save as PDF files. All your scans can also be uploaded to your Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or others to access them anywhere and anytime. In additionally, when you take photos on your iPhone, or iPad, the photos will be accessed on your other iOS device in seconds.

Learn more about Scanner Pro app for iOS 8>>

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