Top 6 Android File Manager to Keep All Files Well Organized

Android is the world's leading Mobile operating system as most of the users use it due its open source and are user friendly .Android is a mobile operating which is based on Linux kernel and are owned by Google.

There are various apps available for the android powered Smartphone's which can downloaded from Google Play store. Nowadays most of the Android Powered phones has a large amount of space is available and a large number files and data can be stored in the Smartphone.

Part 1. Brief Introduction about android file transfer App

Nowadays, there're many apps available to manage files on Android phones or tablets. Android File manager is one such app. Android file manager is like Android explorer and it is one of the most rated and successful android file managing applications. This app offers a large number of features. There are various apps available in the market which offers the same function, but this app stands in front in comparing to those. This is a must have app for every Smartphone and it is very easy to handle. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Download Android File Manager from Google Play>> ( )


It helps you to browse various files on the Android phones and tablets.
Android operating system supports various file format types such a Music, Videos, Documents, zip files, android application files, and by using this app you will be able to manage all the files very easily.
It helps you to perform various actions such as copy, cut, delete, paste on the file system and also helps to upload files to the cloud system. If an SD card is mounted on the system then, this app can be used to easily manage the files.
This app helps to handle the files using Wi-Fi Network.


  1. It can easily categorize the files into various formats, so the files can be searched down easily.
  2. By using this app, actions such as copy, paste, delete can be easily done.
  3. It is very easy to share the files using this app.
  4. Files can be managed by using WiFi connection.


  1. Sometimes crashes on low end devices
  2. Some versions are not stable.

Part 2. Top 5 alternative apps to Android File Manager

Below are top 5 Android apps which can do the similar things as Android File Manager can do. You can have a look at the following apps, and choose your favorite one.

1. ES File Explorer File Manager About 4 MB (varies with device) FREE 4.6/5
2 File Manager (Explorer) About 5 MB(varies With device) FREE 4.4/5
3 File Expert 9 Mb FREE 4.4/5
4 ASTRO File Manager with Cloud About 10 Mb(Varies with device) Free 4.3/5
5 File Manager HD (Explorer) Varies with device Free 4.3/5

1.ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is a great file manager for Android which is developed by ESS App Group. It is one of the top most downloaded apps on the Google play store. This app is downloaded by more than 30 million times and it is one of the top downloaded Android apps for file manager. This app offers a various number of functions. This is must have app and it stands far apart from other Android file managers.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager from Google Play>> ( )

  1. It is very easy to browse through the folders and files on Android phone and tablet.
  2. Basic operations of files such as Cut, Copy, Delete and Paste are available in this file manager and can be used effectively.
  3. Root directory of Android phone or tablet can be viewed by using this file manager app.
  4. Files can be easily searched within this file manager.
  5. This app also provides an additional function of App manager in addition to file explorer and it helps in managing, Installing and uninstalling apps from the Smartphone.


  1. Simple user interface.
  2. Rich in features.


  1. Sometimes while you search files, the app will become slow and irresponsive.
android file manager

2.File Manager (Explorer)

With more than 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 installs from the Google play store, File Manager (Explorer) stands in the front of the best file manager for Android. It has a great user interface and the files on your Android phone or tablet can be easily searched down. It can connect the Smartphone to various cloud services like Dropbox. In addition, it also acts as an app manager and the apps on your Android phone or tablet can be easily managed. It has a fresh UI and user friendly functions. It supports more than 80+ file types. Basic actions such as cut, copy and paste can be easily done. This app supports more than 28 languages. Various types of sorting option are available in the app. This is a must-have app for managing Android files.

Download File Manager (Explorer) from Google Play>> ( )


  1. It supports more than 26 languages.
  2. It supports FTP, FTPS AND SFTPS Servers.
  3. It has various sorting functions and multiple selection option.
  4. It supports both local and remote file systems.


  1. The app drains the memory.
file manager android

3.File Expert

File expert is a great app for managing files on Android devices. This app has been downloaded for more than 10 million times and this is on the highly rated app for managing files on Android phone or tablet. This app has various features which are much essential for you.

Download File Explorer from Google Play>> ( )


  1. This User interface of the app is simple and so even an inexperienced person can use this app for managing files.
  2. It helps to get easy access to the files quickly and easily.
  3. This app organizes each file and various formats into various categorizes which are predefined.
  4. You can easily create a new category or create tags and mark the files in order to access the files easily.
  5. The files can be shared to other devices by using NFC, Bluetooth and NFC.


  1. App gives direct access to Music, Video, Galley and Documents.
  2. Root folders can be easily located within this app.
  3. This app can easily manage the files within the system
  4. Simple User interface.


  1. FTP file transfer is not up to the mark.
file manager for android

4.ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

Astro file manager app is an important free Android file manager APK in the Android platform. Most of the experts recommend this app for rooting purposes.

Download ASTRO File Manager with Cloud from Google Play>> ( )


  1. This app enables you to organize, add, and delete all the files such as music, video, documents, and apps within the Android Smartphone or in the cloud services.
  2. This app offers cloud services. Thus, if the Smartphone is running on low space then by using this cloud service within the app, you can move the files to the cloud storage to free up the space.
  3. Files can be easily transferred by using this app.
  4. The user interface of the app is simple.
  5. Along with the file explorer it has a app manager feature and a task killer feature which are very essential for the Smartphone.


  1. Simple and sleek user interface.
  2. It requires only Android version 2.3 and above.


  1. Search feature is little complicated.
file explorer android

5.File Manager HD (Explorer)

File manager HD is one of Android best file manager app which is used for managing files on the Android Smartphone without any hassle. Comparing to previous apps, this app is little bit back in some features.

  1. The UI of the app is simple.
  2. It supports more than 25 languages.
  3. This app supports both Light and Dark theme. There is an additional support for compression and decompression.
  4. This app supports more than 80+ file types. Basic actions such as cut, copy and paste can be easily done.
  5. APK files can be easily opened and the app can be easily installed from within the Smartphone system.
  6. This app supports various storages such as cloud storage and drop box. This app is very essential app for managing files on Android smartphone.

Download File Manager HD (Explorer) from Google Play>>


  1. It has both dark and light themes.
  2. It supports Multi selection.
  3. It has a supports for both local and remote file system.
  4. It support file shortcuts for easy access.


  1. Most of the features are not free and they have to be paid for unlocking.
  2. Compared to other apps it lacks some features.
android file explorer

Part 3. Wondershare MobileGo for Android to Manage Android File Manager apps and Manage Files from PC

Wondershare MobileGo for Android or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) is an all-in-one file manager for Android devices. With it, you can not only manage the file manager for Android apps from PC, like installing, uninstalling, exporting, sharing, deleting and more, but also manage Android files from PC.


  1. It manages the Android SD card and phone memory easily from PC.
  2. It enables you to transfer music, contacts, documents, apps, videos and photos from a computer to Android Smartphone, and vice versa.
  3. It also lets you text to more than one friend from the computer itself.
  4. It easily backs up SMS, app, app data, calendars, call logs, contacts and more to the computer and when there is need then it can be easily being restored back to the Android smartphone.
  5. Download Android File Manager, File Manager HD (Explorer) and more APK files of the files from Google play and directly be installed on your Android smartphone.
  6. best android file manager

The following are the steps to manage files in the android Smartphone from computer by using MobileGo for Android.


Android Manager - One Stop Solution to Manage Your Mobile Lifestyle

  • One click to download, manage, import & export, transfer your music, photos and videos.
  • De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your app collection, backup & restore and send messages from your desktop.
  • Mirror your android device to send messages, and play Android games on your computer.
  • Transfer Files among your mobile devices without limitation.
  • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.

Step 1. Install and run Wondershare MobileGo for Android on the computer.
Step 2. Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. For Windows users, you can even make the connection via WiFi.

file explorer for android
Step 3. After detected, your Android smartphone will be shown on the primary window.
Step 4. At the lower left corner, click Google Play Apps, and search the apps, like ASTRO File Manager with Cloud, Android File Manager, etc to download to your Android smartphone.
Step 5. Click Apps on the left column, all apps on your smartphone will be shown on the right panel, including the ones you downloaded right now.
Step 6. Then, you can install, uninstall, backup, delete, sharing, and view apps.
best file manager android
Step 7. By clicking Files on the left column, you have access to the SD card and phone memory.

Then, you can drag and drop files between your Android smartphone and computer.

best android file explorer

Part 4. Mount Android Phone as an external hard drive to Manage Android Files

You can easily mount the Android phone as an external hard drive to manage the files on Android SD card. In this way, you can easily manage music, video and photos on it. What you need to do is to connect Android phone to PC by using a USB cable.

Step 1. Connect the Android device to the computer with a USB cable.
Step 2. Your Android phone will be soon recognized.
Step 3. On your computer, find the Android external hard drive.
Step 4. Choose it and all files and folders on your Android SD card are displayed.
Step 5. Then, you can begin to import, export, delete and preview files on Android phone.

Note: When deleting files from Android phone, you should be careful in case you might delete the wrong files due to carelessness.

android file manager

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