10 Great Uses for Old Phones and Tablets

Get extra smartphones and ditch the old ones into the drawer? I don't know how many old, outdated devices you have put in the drawer. The other day, when I opened the drawer in my sitting room, there are 3 old phones and an old tablet. Actually, I can't just smash them and end them in the dustbin, because they have brought me some good memories. And I found that I can give them new lives. There are more than 10 superb ways you can make use of them. Below are the 10 great uses of old phones and tablets I like to share with you.

*Sell Old Phone or Tablet

Even your phone is old and outdated, some people still need it to make calls and send text messages. You can sell it at a good price at some online store, like BestBuy, Gazelle, uSell, Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc. By selling it, you get the money and people who don't have much budget can get a useful device. It's good both for you and for the people who get the device.

*Turn Old Phone or Tablet into a Security Camera

If you need to keep an eye on your home or kids, you should turn the old phone or tablet into a security camera if it is able to take videos. Connect it with a network and download a free app that is able to run security camera on the old device. Afte then, you can see that the security camera works perfectly. Here is the guide for how to turn an old iPrhone into a security camera you may be interested in >>

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*Use the Old Phone or Tablet to Do Experiment

When you're using the phone or tablet, I'm sure you seldom do experiment with it, being afraid of losing data or making it quit working. However, when you get an extra device, it doesn't matter any more. You can do the experiment with it: restore the operating system, root it, jailbreak or flash a new rom for it. Just do whatever you want with it. The experiments are fun and helpful for you to improve your skills in using a smartphone.

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*Use the Old Phone or Tablet as a Remote Control

Now you can turn the old phone or tablet as a remote control to take control of a number of devices. To make it work, you need to connect the phone or tablet directly to a TV or audio system, or buy an extra tool to pair the phone or tablet with other devices, like Chromecast streaming sticks.

*Make the Old Phone or Tablet Kid-friendly

You're tired of the old device, but your kids may like it. You can make the old device friendly to your kids by making it into a fun and educational gadget for your kids. On the old device, you can install some funning apps for gaming, crossword, and study. Before giving it to your kid, please be careful with your account. You are supposed to log out of your account or set the restricted profile for your kid to access to some apps or accounts.

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*Turn the Old Phone or Tablet into a Portable Hard Drive

If you work in the office, then you must have multiple important digital files to carry with you all the time. For sure, now many cloud services allow you to save documents in the cloud and download them to use wherever you are and whenever you need it once you can access to a network. However, many people still worry about the security of the documents. If so, you can turn your old Android or Apple device as a portable hard drive to store important documents.

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*Make the Old Phone or Tablet a Dedicated MP3 or Video Player

You must know that it drains the battery very quickly when playing songs and videos on your phone and tablet. I myself seldom use the phone I'm using for calls and text message to play videos, because if so I have to charge it regularly. If you have an old phone or tablet, you can import multiple songs and videos to make it as a dedicated music or video player. It never causes your phone call failure.

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*Turn the Old Phone or Tablet into a Dedicated e-Reader

If you like reading, then you should have a dedicated e-reader at hand. Though the phone or tablet you're using can be used as an e-reader, it is not as good as having a dedicated one. You can install several different kind of reading apps on the dedicated e-reader and import multiple ebooks into it to reading or keeping.

*Make the Old Phone or Tablet as a Digital Photo Frame

You can turn your old phone or tablet into a charming dynamic digital photo frame. It's cool to have your precious pictures displayed on the screen, especially after you making a dynamic slideshow with a collection of pictures. And to make it work properly, you should disable the screen dimming or lock features..

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*Turn the Old Phone or Tablet as an Alarm Clock or Barometer

If you need an alarm clock, you can use the old phone or tablet as an always-on clock that wake you up. What I like better is to use it a barometer. You can download an app for the phone or tablet to look up information from the local climate station and bring weather forecasts. It's very necessary to know the weather before you go out.

what you can do with your new android

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