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How to Transfer iTunes Music to Another Computer

Question: I've wanted to move my iTunes library from my old notebook to another computer for months. But it is a headache, especially with numerous songs in my library. What should I do, say, transfer music from iPhone 5 to computer?

Answer: To transfer music from iTunes library to another computer, you have two easy ways to be followed.

  • Solution 1: Transfer iTunes Library to another computer with an external hard drive
  • Solution 2: Transfer itunes music to another computer with TunesGo

  • Solution 1: Transfer iTunes Library to another computer with an external hard drive

    As you know, if you download or purchase music, videos, audiobook and more from iTunes, iTunes will save them on the iTunes folder on your computer. Thus, to transfer iTunes Library to another computer, you can plug into an external hard drive or a usb flash drive to the computer, and then, copy the iTunes folder to it.

    Firstly, Find the iTunes folder on the computer. In Windows 7, the iTunes folder is saved here: C: UsersAdministratorMusiciTunes. If your computer running Windows XP, Vista or other, you can go and find the iTunes folder in the similar save path.

    Secondly, download and install iTunes on another computer. Navigate to the save path of iTunes folder on this computer.

    Thirdly, connect the external hard drive or usb flash drive to the computer. Then, copy the old iTunes folder and replace the new one.

    Solution 2: Transfer itunes music to another computer with TunesGo

    Another way to back up iTunes songs and playlists to a new computer is to use Wondershare TunesGo or Wondershare TunesGo (Mac). Download this program to your computer to have a try!

    Download win versionDownload Mac Version

    Step 1. Install and launch the program

    Install and launch this iTunes transfer tool - Wondershare TunesGo on your old computer. Then, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the old computer via a USB cable. This program will detect your iPhone, iPad or iPod as soon as it's connected. Then, your iPhone, iPad or iPod will be shown in the primary window.

    transfer itunes music to another computer

    Step 2. Copy itunes music from the old computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod

    Go to "Playlist" in the left column. Then, the playlist window shows up on the right. Click the triangle under "Add" to bring up a drop-down list. Choose "Add iTunes Playlists".

    By default, all playlists are checked. If you want some of them, uncheck your unwanted playlists. Then, click "OK". This program begins to copy itunes playlists with ratings, play counts and skips, etc to your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

    transfer itunes library to another computer

    Step 3. Transfer itunes music to another computer

    Then, plug out the USB cable coming with your iPod/iPad/iPhone and plug it into another computer to make a connection between the computer and your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Install and run this program on this new computer.

    Click "Playlist" to reveal the playlist window. Select your wanted playlists imported just now and then click "Export to". After the file browser window pops up, you should choose a save path to store these playlists. Then, this program begins to transfer iTunes playlists to this computer. Don't forget to keep your iPhone/iPad/ iPod connected during the transfer.

    transfer music from itunes to another computer

    Note: TunesGo fully supports many Apple devices, like iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5. Besides, you can transfer the common and smart playlists between iPhone, iPod and iPad.

    That's the way to copy music from itunes music to another computer. Now, you can transfer the imported music to the new iTunes for enjoyment.

    Watch the video tutorial on moving itunes music to another computer.

    Download win versionDownload Mac Version

    They're downloading



    TunesGo frees your music, doing what iTunes can’t.

    TunesGo Retro

    TunesGo Retro

    (iOS Transfer)

    Copy music, playlists, videos from iPod, iPhone & iPad to iTunes Library, and to your PC for backup.
    Fully compatible with iTunes 12.1, iOS 9, and support iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus New icon

    Wondershare Editor

    Apr 01,2016 10:30 am / Posted by Thomas Jones to iTunes

    Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

    Hi, did you backup these songs to pc or external hard drive or local when you transfer? If yes, TunesGo will restore your iTunes Library including Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, etc which can fix your id3 and cover automaticlly. If you didn't back up, you can try the free version of Data Recovery: If you still have question, please contact:
    I got my iTunes updated yesterday, and I hate it! So I downloaded and bought TunesGo, because the trial only offers 10 song capacity. I have over 10,000 songs in my iTunes I want to play on my TunesGo. However, the new updated iTunes deleted most of my song files, AND I RATHER import my music to TunesGo without an intermediary device like an iPod (my iPod is not updated with current song list). So it seems like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    I should say I have a brand new hp laptop with windows 10
    I successfully downloaded my library but when I go to listen it says device not authorized
    Thomas Jones
    "Copy Music to iTunes" is a button in an old version of MobileGo for iOS. Now, it's "Copy iDevice to iTunes". Could you upgrade MobileGo for iOS to the latest version and try it again?
    I was copying all my music to iTunes using the "Copy music to iTunes" option.
    Thomas Jones
    Hi, Java, could you tell me what you decided to backup? Did you use the "Copy iDevice to iTunes" or "Export Music to Folder"?
    I have the same "Export movie failed. Read Stream or Write Error" - But I don't have any movies on my phone. This error keeps popping up and I cannot backup my iPhone to iTunes or my computer. Any suggestions ?
    The easiest way is on an external harddrive with enough capacity, to copy the folder "Music" to the oher Music´s Folder from the destination computer. That´s the way i do everytime i migrate from computer to another. It´s recomended to "Consolidate" all the items in itunes. in some cases you should autorizate the another computer to play content.
    Thomas Jones
    Well, it happens when there’re some special characters in the movie' name. Could you mind telling us the Movie's name? If you want to get rid of it, you can try changing the movie's name.
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