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How to Transfer Music & Playlists from iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC

Part 1: Advantages of Transferring Music to PC

To be precise and to the point there are tens of thousands of advantages of transferring music and other media files to PC. The user not only enjoys a safer location in relation to media storage but he is also out of the danger of music loss and any other mishap due to faulty device. To get the best in this regard it is advised to make sure that the steps that are presented in this tutorial are not only followed step by step but also the user is able to get the best advantages in this regard. Some of the advantages of transferring music from a portable device to a PC or laptop are explained as under:


The music and the media management becomes easy and straightforward. With built in functions of Mac and PC a user is able to get the best management facilities on to the PC and laptop by saving the music. This management advantage also includes copying the music to multiple locations, creating backup and transferring it to external media storage as and when required.


The storage space of PC is far more than any portable iDevice. Terabytes of storage has now been introduced when it comes to PC hard drives and for the same reason it is very important to note that this everlasting space allows the users to get thousands of song in one place so that a huge collection is built. It is also not just confined to music the user can also add and save other formats such as mp4, 3GP and wma.


For a new user the media conversion is a difficult task as the app usage is not simple at all. Using the PC the user can make sure that the music file formats are converted to another within seconds. The software programs like Format Factory has made the life easy for those users who want to specifically convert the music for the iOS or Android. The lengthy tutorials that come along also ensure that the user gets the best results in this regard and allows them to use the software efficiently.


There are tens of thousands of free tools available online that can be used to make sure that the data transferred to computer is analyzed so that the user can modify and delete the content if required. It also allows the users to segregate the songs according to their era, singers and overall rating that different online platform has provided to that particular piece.

Other benefits

Beside the one mentioned above there are hundreds of other advantages that cannot be summarized in this small article and for the same reason it is also to be noted that the effective and handling of the media according to the will and desire is like a dream come true for a PC user and transferring the media to PC or Mac serves the purpose well in all such aspects. It is one of the best advantages which make sure that the music is altered and then transferred back to the device without any issue whereas when it comes to the device then it is very hard to crop or cut the unwanted music parts and then save it as most of the users are not tech savvy when it comes to iOS or even android.

Part2: Transfer Music from iPad to PC Manually without Any Software

It is the simplest of all processes that a user can adopt to make sure that the best is done in this regard. To make sure that the user attains the results it is advised to follow the tutorial step by step so that the user never faces any issue in this regard. Following are the steps that a user should follow to do the needful:

i. The iPhone or any other iDevice is to be connected to PC with the original USB cable to initiate the process:

the following interface

ii. Once it has been done the user then needs to make sure that the iExplorer is launched on the PC or Mac whichever is being used:

make sure the desired video

iii. From here the user needs to browse the Music > relevant playlist that is to be transferred to make sure that the process continues smoothly:

take snapshots in vlc media

iv. The user then needs to press the CTRL key and click all the songs or playlists that are to be transferred to the PC. Once the selection has been then the path Transfer > transfer entire playlist to folder is to be selected:

click take snapshot

v. On the next window that pops up the user needs to make sure that the target folder is selected onto the PC where the playlist or the song is to be transferred. For most of the users it will be Music folder both in Mac and PC. This also completes the process in full as the required has been done in this regard:

click take snapshot

Part 3. Transfer Music from iPad to PC with TunesGo

Wondershare is known for developing software programs that are state of the art and for the same reason it now brings forth TunesGo which is one of the best software to make sure that the music is not only backup but also remains safe. To get the best results the user needs to make sure that the following process is followed in this regard:

TunesGo Resource is right here:

i. The user needs to download the software from the URL and has to follow the instructions to make sure that the software is installed. Once done it is to be launched so that the main interface appears:

doublen click the vlc icon

ii. The iDevice from which the data is to be transferred is to be attached to the PC with the help of USB cable (Note: you need to click "Trust" in your iDevice if you firstly connect to the PC):

paly the video

paly the video

iii. The software will make sure that the media that is available on the device is detected and displayed, and then the songs that are to be moved to the PC is selected and exported to the PC as shown in the figure below to make sure that the process completes:

paly the video

They're downloading



TunesGo frees your music, doing what iTunes can’t.

TunesGo Retro

TunesGo Retro

(iOS Transfer)

Copy music, playlists, videos from iPod, iPhone & iPad to iTunes Library, and to your PC for backup.
Fully compatible with iTunes 12.1, iOS 9, and support iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus New icon

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thanks you very much bro it works
Hi Rick, it has been one year that the product was renamed to TunesGo, so I updated the reply. And yes you can use TunesGo to do that. Thanks!
Hi.. the music that I have In itunes i ripped from CDs, i didnt purshase it and now that I upgraded to the new version iTunes 11, I am not able to burn CDs nor email any of the songs/CDs nor transfer to another file. All I have is an ipad 2. Do you know of any app that I can download to backup my music and at the same time if possible it change the format? I want to try to revert back to iTunes 10.7, but I don't want to lose all my music. Do you have a better idea plss? What would you do? :( pls help
Thomas Jones
Yes, of course. Please download MobileGo and have a try.
Can I transfer iPad music not purchased in iTunes from my iPad to my apple pro? Most of these were albums I copied to an old computer then onto my iPad in iTunes
Thomas Jones
becky, if you have any question, please send email to this address:
getting error message path/file name too long, and unable to send email to you
Thomas Jones
Hi, Download free music MP3 App is an Android app, while Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is designed to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod. Thus, if you wan to transfer music on your Android to iTunes, you can try Wonershare MobileGo for Android.
Hi There, I have mp3 download free which I use instead of itunes media player on my iphone.. how do I transfer music from this media player to itunes using wondershare.. When I press media it only shows music in my itunes player...
Thomas Jones
You can try Wondershare MobileGo for iOS (Mac). It can let you transfer all music files to your Mac, including songs that you don't purchase easily.
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