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Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

Recuva – a data recovery tool for Windows platform – is a product of Piriform. Since the program is efficient and is worth giving a try but designed for Windows-based computers only, many people have been looking for its alternatives to use on Mac OS X, until now.

To make things easier for the Mac users, Wondershare did a great job by developing a data recovery program called Wondershare Data Recovery for the Mac platform. Wondershare Data Recovery is not only efficient and can recover almost all types of deleted files from a Mac computer’s hard drive, it is also lightweight and easy to install and use. Unlike Recuva, Wondershare Data Recovery is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

As a Recuva alternative, the key features that Wondershare data recovery for mac offers to the end-users include:

• Recovery of the lost files even when they have been removed from the Trash or are lost due to corrupt partitions.

• Recovery of lost files in raw state (without recovering the original names and other details of the files) in case the normal file recovery process fails.

• Recovery of the deleted, lost, resized, or corrupt partitions and then recovery of the lost files from there.

• Ability to selected single or multiple objects from the scan results of the recoverable files. A tree-type explorer allows you to select the individual files, bulk objects, or the entire category of the files altogether to recover.

• Ability to save the scan results that can be re-opened to recover the lost files anytime later.

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How to Use Recuva Alternative (Wondershare Data Recovery) on Mac OS X El Capitan

1. Use the link given above to download and install Wondershare data recovery for mac on your Mac OS X El Capitan computer from where you want to recover your lost or deleted files.

2. Launch Wondershare Data Recovery.

3. From the main interface, click the Lost File Recovery option.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

4. On the next window that opens, from the Logical Drives list, click to select the drive that contained the files that are now lost and you want to recover.

5. Optionally, you can check the Enable Deep Scan checkbox from the bottom of the interface to make Wondershare Data Recovery perform an in-depth scan in search of recoverable lost files.
Note: Enabling and performing deep scan consumes more time than usual. Therefore, if you are doing so, make sure to leave your PC alone and do not interrupt the process.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

6. Once everything is set, click the Scan button from the top of the Wondershare Data Recovery’s interface.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

7. When the next window appears, wait until the program scans for the files that can be recovered on your Mac computer.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

8. After the scanning is complete, click OK on the confirmation box that pops up.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

9. From the left pane, click to select the folder from where you want to recover the files that the program is able to search.

10. From the lower section of the right pane, check the checkboxes representing the files that you want to recover.
Note: If available, you can also preview the files upon selection in the upper section of the right pane.

11. Once selected, click the Recover button from the top and follow the on-screen instructions to recover the selected files.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

How to Save Search Results and Use Them to Recover the Files Later

1. Follow the above steps from 1 to 8.

2. Once Wondershare Data Recovery finds the recoverable files, click the Save Scan Info button from the top of the interface.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

3. In the box that pops up, in the Save As field, type a name for the search result that you want to save for future use.

4. From the Where drop-down list, choose a destination location to save the search result.
Note: The selected destination must be different from the one from where Wondershare Data Recovery scanned the recoverable files.

5. Click Save when done.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

6. Back on the previous window, click the Home button.

7. Back on the main interface, click the Resume Recovery option from the bottom.

Recuva for Mac OS X El Capitan

8. Pick the saved search from the next window, and follow the on-screen instructions to recover your preferred or all the files.

Why Should You Choose Wondershare Data Recovery as Recuva Alternative for Mac

There are many reasons you may want to prefer Wondershare Data Recovery over any other data recovery tool as Recuva alternative for Mac. A few among such reasons include:

• Wondershare data recovery for mac has a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to access all its tools from its main window itself.

• The program is extremely lightweight, i.e. its installation file is only 5.71 MB in size.

• Unlike its competitors, Wondershare Data Recovery provides hassle-free searches and data recovery without confusing the end-users with several unnecessary options that they probably would never use.

• Wondershare data recovery for mac performs scans for the recoverable files comparatively quickly, until the deep scan mode is enabled.

• The program allows to select and restore each file individually.

• While using Wondershare data recovery for mac, the scanned results can be saved for future use.

• The software is capable of recovering files from a deleted, lost, or corrupt partition. The application first recovers the whole partition, and then allows you to choose the files in bulk or individually to recover.

• Wondershare data recovery for mac allows you recover the lost files as raw data in case the normal data recovery method fails.


What Wondershare data recovery for mac does is not possible with many other heavy data recovery tools. Because of this reason, many people take the program as an alternative to Recuva when it comes to recovering the lost data from their Mac computers.

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