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Recuva for Mac is unavailable, but you can free download the 5 best alternatives in this article. Read on and pick one to recover lost or deleted files on Mac. And we prefer Recoverit for Mac.

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Does Recuva Work on Mac

I lost my important business files on my Mac. I found Recuva, a free file recovery tool for PC. But I'm not sure if the Recuva app can recover data on Mac. Any help? Thanks!

Well, Recuva File Recovery is indeed a free software for PC to recover lost data. But there is no a version of Recuva Mac Data Recovery.

What Is Recuva Software

Recuva is widely known as a must-have data recovery program for Windows PC. Whenever files are deleted, formatted, corrupted or missing from your Windows computer or removable media, Recuva can be your lifesaver with its easy-to-use and totally-free features. However, Recuva is only for Windows PC currently, Mac users have no chance to use this powerful and free program to recover lost or deleted data.

The demand of Recuva for Mac is huge in the internet. While the truth is: there's no official Mac version of Recuva, and there's almost no free Mac data recovery program too. It's hard for you to find the most useful Recuva alternative for Mac from numerous utilities in the Market. This article can help you out. In this article, you can free download Recuva for Mac alternatives. We test and review the best 5 Mac file recovery software here for you.

Top 1 Recuva Mac Alternative: Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac

Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac is one of the most useful and powerful alternatives to Recuva for Mac that helps you to recover Mac data in an extremely safe and easy way. The program offers you advanced data recovery engine, intuitive interface and one-stop recovery solution in order to help you recover Mac data effortlessly. It allows you to recover lost files from both Mac devices as well as external storage devices, while many Mac data recovery programs only recover data from removable media.

  • Recover 1000+ types of lost or deleted files from all storage devices on Mac safely and completely.
  • Support external hard drive data recovery in different situations like accidental deletion and more.
  • Free scan, thumbnails and preview of files available before recovering files from all storage devices.

Why We Regard It the Best Recuva Alternative

  1. At least 96% of your lost data, including documents, photos, videos, audios, emails, ZIP files, etc, can be recovered through it.
  2. Files scanned and found by Recuva alternative will be listed in clear categories like documents, images, videos, music, emails, and archives, or in file folders.
  3. You can pause the scanning process when you find the files you want, as well as save scanning results for next time use;
  4. Recoverit has the strongest file preview ability in the market: you can preview images, documents, emails and archives.
  5. The Recuva alternative is fully compatible with APFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file systems on Windows or Mac platform.
  6. It comes with a free full version like Recuva software to help you recover files on Mac for free, although it comes with a limit of 100MB.

Video Tutorial on Mac Data Recovery

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

It is said that this software takes a lot of trial and error to develop a program that can help ever a novice recover lost data on Mac easily and quickly. And yes, it does. Wit Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac, you're able to retieve deleted files on Mac with 3 simple steps (Select > Scan > Preview & Recover).

  1. Free download the best alternative to Recuva Mac

  2. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery can be compatible with all Mac systems, including macOS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8. It can also work well with Windows PC (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP). Windows users please download the PC version and follow the similar steps.

  3. Select a location

  4. Step 1 To restore lost or deleted files on Mac, you need to select a location where your data were lost among the list of hard drive disks. Click "Start" to go on.

    select a location using the best Recuva alternative

  5. Scanning the hard drive

  6. Step 2 You will next go to a scan process. Recoverit will search the selected hard drive all around for the lost or deleted files.

    scan the location using the best Recuva alternative

  7. Preview and recover files on Mac

  8. Step 3 After the scan, you can filter and preview the files you desire to recover. Select your lost files and click "Recover" to retrieve them to your Mac or other storage media.

    recover files using the best Recuva alternative

Top 2 Recuva Mac Alternative: MagicCute Data Recovery for Mac

MagicCute Data Recovery for Mac is an easy Mac data recovery program that helps you to recover data on a Mac computer. This program supports the recovery of more than 2000 file types and it's fully compatible with HFS/NTFS, FAT and FAT32. Moreover, it supports creating drive image for the purpose of recovered data backups.

Currently there're 3 editions of Remo Recover for Mac users to choose from. This is also the bad side of the tool. The Basic Edition, which is also the cheapest one, only allows users to recover deleted files from Mac hard drive or files emptied from Trash.

Get MagicCute Data Recovery for Mac

alternative to recuva mac


  1. This is a fast recovery program that requires no special skill or knowledge;
  2. MacgicCute is a portable application that allows you to install and run it on an external hard drive;
  3. The program supports thousands of file types;
  4. You can create disk image backup with this tool.


  1. While scanning is processing, you can't stop it. Otherwise the whole scanning will be cancelled.
  2. The scanning process is too long and time-consuming.
  3. It has no a preview function before recovery.
  4. You're unable to try it for free.

Top 3 Recuva Mac Alternative: VirtualLab for MacOS X

VirtualLab for MacOS X is a simple program that offers you basic Mac data recovery. This tool is specialized in two recovery modes: lost file recovery and iPod recovery. It enables users to recover data from un-mounted volume, RAID drive, as well as firewire and USB.

Get VirtualLab for MacOS X

recuva mac alternative 3


  1. It offers you special RAID constructor;
  2. Volume recovery helps you to recover data from damaged or un-mounted volume.


  1. You can't search file with names nor save scanning result.
  2. The free version of the Recuva Mac alternative only supports the free recovery of only 1MB file.

Top 4 Recuva Mac Alternative: Boomerang Data Recovery Software for MacOS X

Boomerang Data Recovery Software for MacOS X is another Mac data recovery tool to handle a wide range of data loss scenarios from accidental deletion to formatting. It's able to recover deleted, formatted and damaged files, as well as unmountable and reformatted drive.

The alternative to Recuva Data Recovery is compatible with almost all Mac systems: Mac OS X 10.11.3, 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 , 10.6, 10.5. 10.4.

Get Boomerang Data Recovery Software for MacOS X

recuva mac


  1. An extreme easy-to-use interface that saves you lots of time;
  2. RAID recovery and reconstructor recovers RAID data with ease;
  3. iPod recovery enables you to recover iPod files sufficiently.


  1. The program only offers normal scan. You can't get "Deep Scan" on your drive;
  2. It doesn't support as many file types as other utilities in the list do.

Top 5 Recuva Mac Alternative: TestDisk

TestDisk is OpenSource software and it is a free data recovery software. It supports to recover lost partition and boot your disks bootable again while the system crased. It really easy to recover partition table due to accidentally deleted.

Get TestDisk Mac Data Recovery

mac alternative of recuva


  1. It recover FAT32 and NTFS boot sector from it backup
  2. It supports to rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32, NTFS boot sector


  1. It is difficult to use for the beginners.
  2. It is not good at to recover lost photos from digital camera or harddisk.
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Comparison & Conclusion

Although there is no Recuva Data Recovery for Mac, you can still free download the top 5 Mac file recovery software to help you get data back without much effort. And through our tests, Recoverit Mac Data Recovery can be a nicer option for you. It supports you recovering 100MB files for free before puchasing the full version. Moreover, it can recover 1000+ types of data and allows you to scan and preview all lost data before the purchase and recovery.

Note: Recover Lost Mac Data under Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)

Due to macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13) requirement, Mac users are not allowed an access to the built-in system drive from any apps. Therefore, if you need to restore lost data from the system disk under macOS 10.13, please "disable System Integrity Protection" first.

How to disable "System Integrity protection"? Please follow the steps below.

system integrity protection

Step 1Reboot the Mac and hold down "Command + R" keys simultaneously after you hear the startup chime, this will boot OS X into Recovery Mode.

recovery mode

Step 2When the "OS X Utilities" screen appears, pull down the "Utilities" menu at the top of the screen instead, and choose "Terminal".


Step 3In the "Terminal" window, type in "csrutil disable" and press "Enter" then restart your Mac.

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