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One Click to Import Multiple Lyrics to iTunes

Wondershare TidyMyMusic for Mac
Do you want to see the lyrics while listening to music? What about embed the lyrics in the music files so that you can take anywhere? This tool will help to do both. What's more, it can also find other information like artist, title, album art and more. Learn More >>

Whatever you are in Mac or Windows, there are many lyrics related applications (both paid and free) to fetch and display song lyrics. But there are few applications to import lyrics to iTunes in batch. We have searched the internet and two free iTunes lyrics importer are tested to work. One is for Windows - iTunes Lyrics Importer (iLyrics), the other is for Mac - Get Lyrical. Both has simple and intuitive interface. More iTunes and iPod Software >>

Get Lyrical - iTunes Lyrics Importer for Mac

This lyrics importer is claimed to auto-magically add lyrics to songs in iTunes. It does exactly as how it is introduced. By simply one click, Get Lyrical import lyrics to currently playing song track and a selection of one or more songs. Click the eye button to view the lyrics in a separate window. Get Lyrical also provides plenty of hotkeys to complete tasks. Download iTunes Lyric Importer

Tested Platform: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), iTunes 10.4 for Mac.

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itunes lyric plugin get


1. With Active Tagging option enabled, this iTunes lyrics importer automatically retrieve lyrics online, but won't overwrite lyrics if there already exists.

2. When import lyrics to the current song, or a selection of 1 song, existing lyrics are replaced.

3. When import lyrics to a selection of more than 1 song, if some of them have lyrics, Get Lyrical asks whether to replace existing lyrics.

iLyrics - iTunes Lyrics Importer for Windows

There are many iTunes lyrics importer out around called iLyrics, but this iLyrics really works. Two databases are included for your choice: LyricWiki or Leo's Lryics. iLyrics requires iTunes. So when you open this lyrics importer, iTunes will be launched at the same if iTunes doesn't open. Then select the song tracks you want to fill lyrics in iTunes and click the Get Lyrics button in iLyrics. It will query the lyrics server and return lyrics for you to decide update or not. If "Update Automatically" option is checked, you will fetch lyrics and get it updated at the same time. This is very convenient to import lots of lyrics to iTunes.

itunes lyrics importer

Get the latest version of iLyrics (1.3) here.

Tested Platform: Windows XP Professional, iTunes 10.4 for Windows.

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Apr 01,2016 10:43 am / Posted by Ellon Smith to iTunes

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very useful article!
it says "the request failed with an empty response"
Thank you very much Ellon...for these two softwares(specially, iLyrics as I use Win7)..
Can I use this one in iPad?
Cocos Luca
what does catastrophic failure means? and why some songs are skipped?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Amazing software. Thank you.
Fantastic, this is one of the very few pieces of software that works on win7 with a modern iTunes (currently 10.6 I think) Thankyou!
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