Top 10 Halloween Ringtones to Scare Your Friends

Halloween is on its way. Scare your friends with the most horrible sounds ever! When ringing, your iPhone becomes a window into the hell! Where will be heard the most awful noises of the Evil. This list below contains top 10 horror and spooky tunes like zombie scream, tortured human cry, hell laugh and monster hail. You can download them and import them to iTunes then iPhone with TunesGo Retro and use them as you want. Make some scary noise now! 

Important Reminder: Make sure you can bear the consequences if you use the following ringtones, stay away from friends with heart diseases would be wise- take responsibility for your own actions and remedy a situation when necessary.

1. Ghost in the house

Ghostly signs that the house is haunted and weird things are happening.


2. Womans Screaming

A woman is crying and screaming like being suffered from extremmely painful misery.


3. Horror Screech

The screech from the hell. Try being frozen to the marrow once. You friends would love it.


4. Spooky Laughing

Scary laugh from the king of the hell, a deadly person you once knew well of.


5. Metal Gone Mad

People usually become dangerous when they get angry. What happened if metal got wild ???


6. Panic Crowd

Spreading sadness with other people will decrease your sadness. How's about spreading your panic with a crowd?
That's a way to start Halloween!


7. Dentist Attack

The dentist is too powerful when our tooth get naughty. Do you feel like this when you have your teeth pulled?


8. Music Clock Fail

When all else fails you can always call a clock repair shop to see if they can help.


9. Silence Kill

How very frightful! 

10. Bloody Flesh

These are the things that go bangbangbang!


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