How to Permanently delete songs from iphone

"How to permanently delete songs from iphone? It has bothered me so much that after upgrading to iOS 7, dozens of unwanted songs appear on my iPhone. I can't delete them. Please help. " – Sophia

After upgrading iOS, some original settings on your iPhone might be changed. In this case, some songs you have purchased are very likely to appear on your iPhone without your expectation. It's a common problem that many people have encountered. Don't worry. The following part tells you how to permanently delete unwanted songs from your iPhone. You can apply this way if you encounter the same problem when you upgrading to iOS 9/8. Check out the solution below.

Step 1 Disable iTunes Match

Tap 'Settings' on your iPhone home screen > tap 'iTunes & App Stores', scroll down to find the option 'iTunes Match'. Swipe the button beside it to OFF if it is enabled. If you don't turn off iTunes Match, it will automatically download songs to your iPhone.

how to permanently delete songs from iphone

Step 2 Turn off 'Show All Music'

Some songs appear in Music app with a little Cloud icon beside? Ok, if so, you need to turn off 'Show All Music'. Tap to 'Settings' app > scroll down and tap 'Music' app > Swipe 'Show All Music' to off.

how to permanently delete music from iphone

Step 3 delete songs from iphone

Open the Music app on your iPhone. At the bottom, tap Songs. Locate a song you want to remove, swipe from right to left to enable the Delete option. Tap 'Delete'.

how to permanently delete songs from iphone

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