How to Find the UDID of iOS Device

UDID or unique device identifier is a 40 digit serial number that is associated with each and every iOS device. Though it is a serial number, but it is not easy to obtain as many services of the device are associated with it. The main aim of the UDID is to ensure that the user installs the apps that are allowed by Apple. It is easy to find the UDID through the iTunes, but there are ways of finding UDID without iTunes as well. For all the users who want to find the iPhone UDID without iTunes are advised to go through the tutorial. There are ways and means that can be adopted to find UDID without iTunes. The process is not only easy but will also be explained in full with the help of screenshots.

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Part 1: Why UDID is needed?

As discussed earlier the Apple only allows the installation of the apps that are approved by them. The UDID number is used to uniquely identify the Apple device. This registration allows the users to download the apps from the app store with ease. This can therefore be regarded as a number to make the iPhone functional. For all the users who are looking for the UDID number, it is advised to visit the online companies. These companies not only get the job done without any issue but also help the users to get the device registered. An application on the behalf of the user is submitted to the company which is then approved and the device is activated for the download. The UDID in this way is a unique number that is something for which the device is known.

Part 2: Advantages of UDID

There are several advantages that are associated with the UDID of the device. Below are some of the most important points that should be considered in relation to the topic under discussion:

•    This ID is identical for all the apps that are developed by the same person.

•    The UDID also creates a virtual backup of the data that is associated with any device.

•    It is unique to the device and hence two Apple devices never share same UDID.

•    When a master reset is performed all the data related to the UDID is deleted. It therefore protects the private data.

•    It is available to all the applications and the advertisement as well as the user’s experience.

•    There are tens of thousands of companies that can submit the application on the behalf of the user. The process is therefore hassle free and in line with the demands of the users.

•    In case of theft and misadventure the user needs to ensure that the UDID is provided to block the device.

•    The user can also use the UDID to carry out the development related tasks. It makes the process of development very easy to follow.

•    The backup that has been created can also be downloaded to any other Apple device if necessary.

Part 3: How to find UDID with iTunes

1.    The user needs to launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to start the process:

How to find UDID with iTunes-launch iTunes and connect the iPhone

2.    The user then needs to find out all the information that is associated with the phone. It can be done by clicking the phone name once it has been  connected:

How to find UDID with iTunes-clicking the phone nam

3.    The user then needs to copy the identifier as per the picture below to proceed further:

How to find UDID with iTunes-copy the identifier

4.    This identifier is actually the UDID number and the users can the paste it to any email or document to view it outside of iTunes. This also completes the process in full:

How to find UDID with iTunes-the UDID number

Part 4: How to find UDID easily without iTunes?

1.     The user needs to access the URL to access the main page of the website:

How to find UDID easily without iTunes-access the url

2.    The user then needs to fill in the desired information that has been mentioned on the page. The main points that are to the entered are as follows:

i.    Email address

ii.    Install profile

iii.    Send UDID to developers

How to find UDID easily without iTunes-fill in the informaiton

3.    Once it has been done, the user needs to press the send button. This completes the process in full:

How to find UDID easily without iTunes-press the send button

Finding the UDID with the beta family is the easiest way. The user needs to pay nothing and the process is also hassle free. With the help of one click, the user is able to see all the information of the device within the web browser. The only point that is to be followed is to click the link that has been sent in the main email address. The user needs no precautionary measures as the process is 100% safe and secure to follow. The execution of the process on the other hand is also easy and straightforward. Some of the features for which the beta family is known are as follows:

•    The 128 bit encryption ensures that the data remains safe and secure.

•    It is the fastest way to find your UDID.

•    The user needs no iTunes connection to get the work done.

•    The UDID is sent directly to the developers for future tech executions.

Though the users can find the UDID with iTunes, it is better to get the work done without iTunes. It will not only get the process easy but will also make a user contented. The overall usage as well as the features of the beta family is easy to understand. It is therefore a process that should always be preferred to get the work done in a hassle free manner. The most important aspect is sending the UDID to developers which most services don’t provide at all. By using this method, the user can also find iPad UDID without iTunes and can backup iPhone contacts without iTunes.

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