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4 Simple Steps to Delete Spotlight Search History on iPhone

It happens all the time that whenever you try to use the spotlight on iPhone to search for information, it seems the result is the same, with even some items, like text messages, you have deleted beforehand. That’s why people always say ‘I have deleted text messages. However, when I search in spotlight, they are still there’. Because of this, many people are asking the question “how to delete spotlight search history on iPhone?”

The key to delete spotlight search history on iPhone is deleting unwanted spotlight displayed information completely. How to do it? You can do it manually. Don’t take my word for it? Prove it by yourself. I strongly recommend you try Wondershare SafeEraser to clear iPhone spotlight search history. Only in 4 simple steps, you’ll clear the spotlight history on iPhone easily.


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Step 1 Delete unwanted information on your iPhone

To delete spotlight search history on iPhone, first delete the information that you don’t want to display in spotlight search result page. Sure, I know this doesn’t work at the first because you can find them in spotlight search history even after the deletion. Anyway, do it first. After do as the 4 steps tell you to do, then you’ll achieve your goal.

how to delete spotlight search history on iphone 5

Step 2 Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser on your computer

Wondershare SafeEraser is a desktop tool. You can download the Windows or Mac version and install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable. Launch Wondershare SafeEraser and you can see it detects your iPhone automatically.

how to delete spotlight history on iphone

Step 3 Erase unwanted data

Click ‘Erase Private Data’ in the left sidebar to let this program analyze and scan your iPhone.

how to delete spotlight search history on iphone 4

Step 4 Delete spotlight search history

In the result page, check ‘Deleted Data’ and ‘Keyboard Cache’. Click ‘Erase Now’ to remove them from your iPhone. In a few second, the process should be finished. And then you should eject your iPhone from the USB cable. Scroll down the home screen to enable spotlight search. From here, even type in the same keyword once you have typed in, the result should be different if you have removed some corresponding information in step 4.

Download Wondershare SafeEraser to have a try!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

clear spotlight history iphone

Tips: why deleted items, like text messages still exist in spotlight search result?

Answer: When you delete some information, like text messages on your iPhone, there are not gone forever, but still exit on your iPhone somewhere. That’s why spotlight can still search and display them. Only using a tool to delete the information completely from your iPhone, it will not appear in spotlight search.

Note: the principle to delete spotlight search history on iPhone I applied in this article is to delete keyboard cache and unwanted information once displayed in spotlight search result page. After that, spotlight search will automatically update the results, displaying you with new information.

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