How to connect iPhone to external monitor

Most of the uses think that to connect iPhone to monitor is a daunting task. However the fact is that the fact is that to connect iPhone to external monitor doesn't need any special arrangements. This guide about connecting iPhone to monitor is to make the users aware of the process. It is also to be noted that certain apps will be used to get the work done, and these apps can be downloaded in App Store easily. The app that will be used in this process is called Reflector. The complete terminology that is associated with this app will be explained in full. The user can also make use of the guide to connect any iPhone with any monitor with the help of this guide.

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Part 1: Advantages of the connection

Some of the advantages of connecting iPhone to monitor will be discussed in this section. These advantages will convince people to make use of this method.

• The user can transfer images to the monitor for better view.

• The view of the monitor is large in size.

• An experienced iPhone master can take advantage of the external monitor connection to get their work done.

• The user can use this connection to deal with their work in seminars, workshops and company meetings.

• Once the connection is established, it will be solid, so the users don't have to worry about the disconnection.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Connecting to different devices

• The external monitor is considered as a second screen of the iPhone, so users can get their work done in short time efficiently.

• The productivity increases 9% if a second screen is used in work, according to the renowned resources.

• According to a study by Microsoft, people who work with a 18-inch screen will have 44% greater productivity.

• Oracle reveals that more than 57% of Americans want to use large screen to get the work done.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Bigger Screen

Part 2: An intro to the reflector app

Reflector can be downloaded in The user can also find other options to get the work done. This app works as a utility for Airplay. Even being dependent this app works fine and therefore it is recommended. The key features of the app are introduced below.

• The app has a built-in recorder and therefore it allows the users to capture the movements easily.

• The app is very reliable so it can establish stable connection.

• The app provides landscape view and portrait view. Users can change the view in accordance w3ith their different needs.

• The frame color of the app can also be changed, and the users have 256 color choices.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Reflector App

Part 3: The iPhone and external display

The user can use the external display to increase the effects of iPhone pictures. There are numerous advantages of using iPhone with an external display. The first thing is that it is easy to use the external display with iPhone. Once the Reflector app is installed, Airplay should be started to make the app work. Please note that if the users have used the Airplay before, they can handle Reflector in seconds.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - External display

The user needs to get prepared in accordance with the requirements so that they can finish the steps in the next part with ease.


• PC/ laptop

• Monitor of any size

• iPhone

• Stable Wi-Fi connection

How to Connect iPhone to External Display

The following steps show users how to connect their iPhone with the external display.

Step 1.Download Reflector in Tap Airplay after the app is downloaded and installed.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Tap Airplay

Step 2. Tap Airplay > Name of your External Display. Also, turn on Mirroring on your iPhone screen.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Establishing Connection

Step 3. Hit Done button at the upper right corner to start mirroring iPhone with the external display.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Connecting iPhone to External Display

Step 4. For disconnection the user needs to click Device > Close Connection. This also ends the process in full. Once the connection is established, users can also control the monitor with iPhone. This process is also applicable to all other iDevices.

Connect iPhone to Monitor - Close Connection

Reflector works in demand of Airplay, so users can't use the app alone. If users have losse connection, just restart the app. Users can establish connection among multiple devices, and they can transfer images to all the devices at the same time. Reflector will bring great convenience to people's daily life.

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