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2 Ways to Email iPhone Videos/Photos

Christmas is the great time to capture videos and photos to share the holiday moments with your friends and family. iPhone is now a preferred way to take photos because of its high-quality camera. With an iPhone at hand, you never have to miss a moment. After you snap, you can just email your iPhone videos/photos to all your contacts. Wanna know how to do this, check this out:

Email iPhone Videos Using iPhone’s Default Method

iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S record videos in 720p or 1080p HD, which are both far too large to email (about 80 MB or 180 MB per minute). Fortunately, iPhone is smart enough to get the job done. When you email your iPhone video, the video will be compressed to a smaller size (lower dimensions and quality) before sending out. Here’s how to get there:

1. Open Camera app.

2. Tap the icon in the lower left corner to open your photo album.

3. Select the video or photo you want to email by sliding left or right.

4. Tap the shortcut menu icon (with arrow out of box) in the lower left corner of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, tap the screen once to show it.

email iphone videos

5. A menu will slide onto the screen.

6. Select “Email video” or “Email Photo” and the iPhone will open the mail application with the selected video or photo as attachment. If you have not yet set up an email account, you need first follow the easy steps to create an email account.

7. Input the recipient’s email address and the subject, then your iPhone video or photo is ready to be delivered.

Email iPhone Photos in Batch

There are no options to send multiple videos. To send multiple iPhone photos via email, open Photos app and the Camera Roll would appear in the Albums category. Tap Camera Roll and next tap the shortcut menu to enter “Select Items” mode. Select the iPhone photos you want to send by email, and hit Share button to bring a new menu to select “Email“. However, multiple only means up to 5 photos according to my own experience.

Email iPhone Videos without Losing Quality

Just as we introduced above, iPhone would compress the video (mean losing video quality) to send via email due to the email size restrict. Actually, you won’t get 720p or 1080p HD video by email. If you want to email iPhone 720p/1080p HD videos, you need to transfer them to computer at first, and then send them out of your email box from your computer.

Transferring iPhone videos to computer is a piece of cake with Wondershare TunesGo Retro. Once your iPhone videos are saved to computer, open the email client such as Mail application on Mac or Outlook Express on Windows. Like email videos on iPhone, add videos as email attachment and type in the email address, and then hit Send button.

Keep in mind that the attachment size has limits for most email service providers. Ensure your iPhone video size has not exceeded the maximum size of attachment. For example, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail all allow you to send and receive attachments of up to 25 MB. Otherwise, you need also compress video to achieve a balance between video quality and file size.

iPhone Video/Photo Email Tips

1. Make sure the recipient is happy to receive video email. If they have a very slow connection, sending iPhone video to them may not be appropriate. In fact, uploading iPhone 720p or 1080p video to YouTube, and email the link could be a good idea.

2. The sent videos from iPhone are in MOV format. This is OK for Mac users. If the recipient is a Windows user, make sure they have a media player to play MOV file. Or ask them which format they prefer so that you can convert iPhone videos before sending by email.

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