9 Must Dos When Getting A New iPhone

When getting a new iPhone, there are multiple things you should do. However, you should put the first thing first, especially if it is your first iPhone. To make your iPhone work properly, there are 9 must dos when you getting a new iPhone. Check out them.

1. Install iTunes

iTune is more than a tool that allows you to buy and play music and videos. When it comes to iPhone, it’s a powerful tool that not only enables you to import music, videos, photos, ebooks, podcasts, and more to your iPhone, but also a tool that will help you activate, backup and restore your iPhone. It’s an indispensable tool that makes iPhone work properly. When getting a new iPhone, you should go to Apple’s official site to download iTunes and install it on your computer.

2. Create an Apple ID

An Apple ID is a must if you want to use your iPhone normally. Apple ID is needed everywhere: iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud, iMessages, Facetime, and so on. And even you want to ask a question about your iPhone, you're supposed to sign in at discussions.apple.com with your Apple ID. Creating an Apple ID is pretty easy. There are multiple access to create an Apple ID: in iTunes Store menu, there is an option 'Create Apple ID'; At Apple official site, you can directly open the webpage to follow the prompts to create an Apple ID;

3. Activate Your iPhone

After installing iTunes on your computer and creating an Apple ID, then you can activate your iPhone now. To activate your iPhone, please ensure that you already have a sim card for the iPhone model. If not, please contact your carrier, telling them that you need a new sim card for your new iPhone. Here are the simple steps to activate your iPhone:
1). Use the iPhone SIM card eject tool to open the SIM card tray and put in your sim card;
2). Hold down the Wake/Sleep button on the top of the iPhone to restart the device;
3). Connect your iPhone with your computer via its USB cable and launch iTunes;
4). Follow the prompts in iTunes to activate your iPhone.

To get more details about how to activate iPhone, please read the guide >>

4. Activate iMessage & FaceTime

After activating your iPhone, then you’re supposed to activate iMessage and Facetime on your iPhone. You know, if you can access to a stable Wi-Fi, then you can use the 2 services for free while text or call another Apple device user. If you use cellular data, then you just need to pay for the cellular data, not for iMesssage and FaceTime.

To enable iMessage, tap Settings > Message > turn on iMessage. And then tap Send and Receive, from here, sign in your Apple ID to link your phone number with your Apple ID. After then, Apple device users can send you text message either with your phone number or your Apple ID email address.

To enable Facetime on iPhone, tap Settings > FacetTime > turn on FaceTime. In You can be reached by FaceTime area, sign in with your Apple ID and link your phone number with your Apple ID.

5. Set up iCloud

iCloud is pretty important for you if you want to backup your iPhone easily or share files among different iOS devices. After getting a new iPhone, you should tap Settings > iCloud > sign in with your Apple ID. After then, you can choose to files to backup to iCloud by enabling the corresponding app.

6. Set up Find My iPhone

To keep the security of your iPhone, you should set up Find My iPhone. After enabling it in iCloud, whenever you find your phone is missing or lost, you can enable the lost mode, disable or erase your iPhone remotely. To enable it, tap Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > swipe Fine My iPhone to ON.

7. Set up Passcode or Touch ID

To keep your private information from being viewed by other people accidently, you should enable the Touch ID or Passcode. Touch ID will read your fingerprint and know who you are. If you select setting up passcode, then every time, you have to enter the passcode to access to the iPhone. To set up passcode or Touch ID, tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > enable iPhone Unlock > then you can set up both Touch ID and passcode. For more details, please read how to use Touch ID on iPhone >>

8. Sync Content to iPhone

If this is your first iPhone and your former phone is an Android device, then you should move contacts from your Android phone to iPhone. Check out how to details for how to do it . If this is your second iPhone, then you should backup your old iPhone and restore your new iPhone with the first iPhone's backup file. To put songs, videos, and photos from your computer to your iPhone, you should use iTunes to sync them to iPhone. Here are the steps to sync content from iTunes to iPhone

9. Download Apps to iPhone

iPhone comes with some default apps. However, it is not enough for you to have a good mobile life. You should selectively download apps you need, like iBooks for reading eBooks, Podcast app to play podcasts, Dropbox to share files among different devices, etc. To download apps, you should launch the App Store app on your iPhone > search for app you need with the spotlight search > find the app you need and click download > sign in with your Apple ID.

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