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5 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with/without iTunes

Oct 24,2019 • Filed to: iPhone Transfer • Proven solutions

Apple is a renowned company that is known for their hunger to do things differently and in a unique way. Hence, how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes might sometimes be such a drag. Apple provided a PC version of iTunes as a means for users to be able to transfer photos from an iPhone to PC using iTunes. But situations might arise in which a user might want more flexibility, control and would like to prevent data loss while synching media files; features that are apparently lacking in iTunes.

In this article, we’ll be looking into a few other methods on how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes.

Part 1: How to Sync Photos from iPhone to PC with iTunes?

This method right here involves the use of the Official Apple transfer toolkit that probably all iPhone users should have on their PC. It is the method provided for users by Apple to do all PC to iPhone related issues. When you transfer photos from iPhones to PC using iTunes, iTunes automatically synchronizes photos between your computer and your iPhone, that is, it only copies photos that are on your phone but not on your PC. Below are the steps on how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using iTunes.

1. Download iTunes from Apple’s website for free. Install on your PC and launch the software.

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click on the device icon located at the top part of iTunes interface.

connect iphone to itunes

3. Click on “Photos” option in the side pane and on the main screen of the interface, check the box next to “Sync Photos”.

4. Select “all photos and album” or specific files and click “Apply”.

sync photos from computer to pc with itunes

Wait for the syncing process to complete and then click on “Done”

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with dr.fone-Transfer (iOS)?

dr.fone since its breaking into the software market, has proven to be one of the best iPhone toolkit. It bags along quite a number of mouth-watering features such as recovering of lost files, switching from one phone to another, backing up and restoring, repairing your iOS system, rooting your device or to even unlock your locked device.

The use of dr.fone- Transfer (iOS) gives users absolute flexibility while transferring media files without any the risk of data loss while synching. It has a user-friendly interface and someone with no technical skills can also copy files with a single click without the need for any geeky tips or tricks to have control of your media files.

1. First of all, download dr.fone and install it on your computer. Launch dr.fone and and choose Transfer from the home screen.

transfer photos from computer to iphone with dr.fone

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC and click on “Transfer Device Photos to PC”.

transfer iphone photos to pc

3. dr.fone- Transfer (iOS) will immediately start to scan your device for all photos. When the scan is done, you can customize the save path on you popup window and start to transfer all photos on iPhone to computer.

customize save path for iPhone photos

4. If you would like to transfer photos from iPhone to computer selectively, you can go to Photos tab and select any photos you want to transfer them to computer.

transfer iphone photos to computer selectively

There you go, smooth and easy iPhone photo transfer without iTunes. Exciting, isn’t it?

Part 3: How to Copy Photos from iPhone to PC via Windows Explorer?

Yet another method that can be used to transfer photos from iPhone to PC is by making use of the built-in Windows Explorer. Follow these steps on how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes using Windows Explorer.

1. Plug in your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable.

2. Grant the computer access to your device by tapping the “Trust” button on your iPhone screen.

trust computer

3. Open My Computer on your Windows PC, you should see your iPhone under “Portable Device” section of the screen.

go to portable device

4. Click on the device storage, you will see a folder named “DCIM”. Open the folder to view your iPhone's photos, you can now copy and paste it into the desired location on your PC.

copy iphone photos to computer using windows explorer

Part 4: How to Download Photos from iPhone to PC Using Autoplay?

You might find this method to be similar to using the Windows Explorer. However, in this method, the Autoplay features of your Windows computer must be active.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and grant permission of access to the computer from the “Trust this computer?” pop up on your iPhone.

2. A pop-up will be displayed on your computer with the heading “Autoplay”. Click on “Import pictures and videos” option.

import iphone pictures and videos to computer

3. Click on “import settings” to be able to specify where to copy to

customize the save path.

4. On the next window, click on “Browse” in front of “Import images to” in order to navigate to the folder where you want the images copied to. Click on “OK" once you are done with the settings.

Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using iCloud?

This is the another free method to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes. Here we’ll be looking into will be by making use of Apple’s cloud backup as a means of photo transfer. You just need to backup your iPhone photos to your iCloud photo library account and synchronize it on your computer. Follow the steps below.

1. Open your iPhone and navigate to “Settings”.

2. Under settings, tap on your Name or Apple account ID and then click on “iCloud” on the next screen, then tap on “Photos” option and select “My Photo Stream”

backup iphone photos to icloud photo library

3. Go to the iPhone photos app and tap “Shared” at the bottom of the screen to create a shared photos name and then tap “Next”.

4. Tap the album just created and click on “+” to add photos that you wish to transfer to the album. You can then click on “Post” to send it to iCloud.

5. Download iCloud software for PC, install and launch the app. On the iCloud window, click on “Option” next to “Photos” to view options settings and preferences.

install icloud on pc

6. Check “My Photo Stream” then select location to download the photos to then click “Done”

download iphone photos from icoud photo stream

7. Click on “iCloud Photos” from the left pane of windows explorer, then select “Shared” folder to see the album you created on your phone.

In short, we would say that it is necessary to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes or with iTunes. Regular backup of your media files helps to keep your files save in case anything happens and it also serves as a means to offload your phone and free it from files you do not need on the go. You may choose to use any of the above methods to transfer your photos, however, we recommend the highly trusted dr.fone- Transfer(iOS) to do this job for you.

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