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How to Delete “ Other ” on iPhone

Part1: What is “ Other”on iPhone

As you will see, there is a lot of stuff that ends up in “Other” in your iPhone. And if you never clean up these things, it gets accumulated and soon you will notice that half of the space is taken up by “Other” in your device. So, you need to keep cleaning things out.

Part 2: How to Manually Delete "Other" on i P hone

Step 1: Go to Open Settings then General and finally Usage


Step 2: Click on any large app


Step 3: Documents & Data displays the overall size of the data that is stored by that specific app.

You’ll see that this app itself is in fact very small. In the following image, you will see that the app is 30.8 MB while the data stored is 135 MB. This 135 MB is what actually goes into your “Other” data. This data consists of browser history, logs, cookies, caches of photos and videos, app stored database files.

Things as such happen and you’ll just need to look out a way for safely clearing these data so there’s sufficient space on the iPhone.

- Take a backup of all your data via iCloud (instead of via iTunes) but if you’re happy with iCloud, you will always be welcomed to backup on iCloud.

- Further, make sure – twice or thrice check you’ve got all your things backed up.

- Reset the iPhone: First go to Settings then General then Reset and then Erase All Content and Settings


Step 4: Connecting the iPhone to iTunes and Restoring from backup.

It cleans up every single temporary files, cookies, cache and stuff like album art that steals a little bite at a time and large amounts of free space. This cleans many of the things but not the whole lot will be gone, there still will be some “Other” data.

You’ll do well to rarely clear things from apps which store huge data. Many of the apps have the bar to delete the data itself. Where it isn’t possible, you’re going to have to resort to erasing data.

So that’s about how to get rid of the “Other” data from your iPhone which frustratingly prevents you from stuffing up your iPhone.

Part 3:  Click To Free up More Space for Your iPhone

Wondershare SafeEraser is used to permanently erase everything safely as well as securely on an iPhone, iPad or an iPod. It prevents Identity Theft when selling your old device with 1 Click “Clean Slate” privacy safeguard. It keeps you personal information safe and permanently removes it with SafeEraser before your dispose your old device.

Wondershare  SafeEraser

Permanently Erases Device – When you are recycling, trading or selling your iPhone, the 1-Click phone erase option can play the trick for you and delete everything permanently before passing on the device.

Clears Private Data & Free Up Space – SafeEraser ensures that the data that is stored in your phone while browsing the web, using apps, sending messages, etc stays private. It will keep your private data safe, freeing the space.

Clean Junk File – 1-Click cleanup will perform all the optimal speeds by removing all the junk files and other unnecessary data.

4,998,239 people have downloaded it

How to use it to free up more space for your iPhone in steps with screenshots:

Step 1: Download the app and install it.

After the installation, run SafeEraser on your Computer. Connect your iPhone via USB cable to your computer. After the device is recognized, you will see main window pop up.

In the pop up window, you will see the space information of your device along with other 5 features on the right.


Step 2: 1-Click Cleanup

The first feature is 1-Click Cleanup. You just need to click on it and the scanning will begin on your device automatically.



After the scanning is completed, you will see the total number of junk files displayed. Now you need to click on “CleanUp” for freeing up your device space.


Make sure you keep your device connected while the scanning process completes, so that you ensure that the junk files are cleaned up totally.


When you will be done with the cleanup, you will see that the window will appear as follows, displaying the space information of your device.


After this, you can either go back to Home page by clicking on “Home” or click on “Rescan” to scan your device once again.

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(iPhone Eraser)

Protect your private information when selling, recycling or donating your old device.

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