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How to Clear History on iPhone

Every now and then, you should clear your iPhone history. By doing so, you will release some space and therefore allow you iPhone to run faster. Also, you will erase all of your activity traces. This can be very useful in case you lose your phone, or someone steals it.

To clear your entire iPhone history, you would have to do it from a few different places. You would have to access your Safari and clear your Safari browsing history. Then you would have to access your call history, message threads and delete all the files manually. Luckily, there is a program for your Windows or Mac computer that will clear your entire iPhone history with just one click. That program is called Wondershare SafeEraser.

Part 1.One click to clear all history records on iPhone

Wondershare SafeEraser is a professional data erasing tool with multiple purposes. This application is perfect for any iDevice. It is primarily designed to wipe all your personal information from your device. If you delete your data manually, it can be easily recovered by using certain tools. That is why this application uses US Military spec overwriting technology, so none of your files could be recovered, ever. This is extremely useful if you are selling your phone, or in case you lose it or it gets stolen.


Wondershare SafeEraser - Protect Your Personal Privacy

  • Permanently Erase Your Android & iPhone to protect your personal privacy.
  • Remove deleted files on idevices permanently;deleted files no longer recoverable .
  • 1-Click Cleanup to clean junk files and speed up idevice performance.
  • Not only support pictures & videos but also protects your call logs, messages and more.

Here is our simple guide on how to use Wondershare SafeEraser for deleting your iPhone history.

Clearing your entire iPhone history can now be done with one click.

1. Open Wondershare SafeEraser and choose Erase Private Data

backing up samsung galaxy s5

2. The program will automatically start analyzing and scanning the data on your device.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

3. Once the scan is complete, all your private data will be listed in separate categories. All you have to do is to choose which information you want gone, for good. After you do so, click erase now.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

4. Before you erase all your data, you will have to confirm your actions by typing “delete” in the provided box. Then, click Erase Now again.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

5. Once all the files you’ve chosen have been deleted, you will see the following message.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

And that is it! All of your data has been deleted in a few simple steps. However, you can still delete your files manually (but who would want to after seeing Wondershare SafeEraser?) by deleting your search history, browser history, message history, app cache, and email cache separately. Let us show you how.

Part 2. Common way to clear search history on iPhone

In order to clear the search history on your iPhone, you need to erase your browser history. Since there is more than one browser available for iPhone, we will show you how to erase your browsing history for the two most popular iPhone browsers – Safari and Google Chrome.

#1. Clear Safari Browser History on iPhone

1.From your home screen tap on the Settings icon and open the Settings control panel.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

2.Locate Safari in the Settings control panel. Once you find it, tap on it.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

3.Once you’ve tapped on the Safari icon, search for the Clear History and Website Data button. Then, tap the button.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

4.The last step is to confirm that you want to clear your history.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

#2. Clear Chrome Browser History on iPhone

1.In order to erase Google Chrome browsing history, you need to launch the app first.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

2.Tap the Chrome menu (three short horizontal lines) and then locate the Settings menu.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

3.Tap the privacy button.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

4.Click on the Clear Browsing History button.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

5.Confirm your actions.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

Part 3. Common way to clear message history on iPhone

When it comes to messages history, you can delete an entire conversation with a person, or (if you are using iOS 9 or higher) delete only selected messages. Here is how.

1.Tap on the iPhone Messages tab from your home screen.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

2.Once in the Messages,tap edit and select the threads you want deleted.Then, press delete.This will delete all messages from a certain person or certain persons.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

In order to delete certain messages from a conversation, you need to open that conversation first. Once you are in the conversation select a message you want to delete. Then, you can delete it from within a thread by pressing the edit button, then Delete.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

However, deleting messages like this does not erase them permanently. They can be easily recovered by searching a contact’s name or some keywords from a message. The only way to delete messages permanently would be by using a third party software, such as Wondershare SafeEraser.

Part 4. Common way to clear app cache on iPhone

Clearing app cache, aka junk files, from your iPhone can give your device a significant boost in the terms of its speed. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option on your iPhone to clear app cache. You can either delete only Safari cache, or an app’s documents and data. But, by deleting app’s data you may also delete certain important files (for example erasing Viber app data may delete all the images you’ve received on Viber).

Clearing Safari cache was explained above. Here is how to delete app data.

1.Go to Settings > General usage > Manage Storage.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

Tap a desired item in Documents and Data. Then, all you have to do is slide unwanted items to the left and tap Delete.

Part 5. Common way to clear email cache on iPhone

Unfortunately, deleting email cache directly from your iPhone is impossible, just like deleting the app cache. But, what you can do is to delete your email attachments. You may not be aware how much space can these attachments take up. The best solution would be deleting your email account entirely. Don’t worry you won’t lose your emails, just the unnecessary attachments (which you can download again later if you need them). Before deleting your email, make sure you know your password.

To delete your email account open Settings and then tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

backing up samsung galaxy s5

Then, click on the account name, scroll down and tap Delete Account. Once you do so, add your account again. This way, you will erase all of the unnecessary email attachments and still have access to your email.

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