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How to Clear History, Cache, and Cookies from iPad

Part 1. How to Clear Safari History from iPad

To clear Safari history from iPad:

1. Power on your iPad.

2. Open the Safari web browser.

3. Once opened, tap the Bookmarks icon (icon with the symbol of an open book) from the bottom of the interface.

4. On the Bookmarks window, tap the History option.

5. From the bottom-left corner of the History window, click Clear.

6. From the displayed Clear History confirmation box, tap the desired option as per your requirement to clear the last hour history, the history of the current date, the history of the current and previous day, or to clear the entire history.

7. Once done, go back to the Home screen and start using your iPad normally.

Part 2. How to Clear Cache in iPad

To clear cache in iPad:

1. Power on your iPad.

2. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

3. From the next interface, from the left pane, locate and tap Safari.

4. From the right pane, locate and tap the Clear History and Website Data option.

5. When prompted for, tap the Clear button in the opened Clear History and Data confirmation box to clear the cache (along with the browsing history) from your iPad.

Part 3. How to Clear Bookmarks in iPad

To clear bookmarks in iPad:

1. Power on your iPad.

2. Tap the Safari icon from the Home screen.

3. From bottom of the opened Safari interface, tap the Bookmarks icon (icon that resembles an open book).

4. From the opened Bookmarks interface, tab the Favorites option.

5. From the bottom-right corner of the Favorites window, tap Edit.

6. Once this is done, tap the Remove icon (icon with a minus sign within a red circle) representing the bookmark that you want to remove.

Note: You must tap the Remove icon individually for every unwanted bookmark.

7. After you have removed all the unwanted bookmarks, tap the Done button from the bottom-right corner of the interface.

8. Once done, you can start using your iPad normally.

Part 4. How to Clear Storage in iPad

Although you can remove all your personal information from your iPad manually, it is a time taking and tedious process, and the approach is not appreciated by many users who wish to get the job done instantaneously.

In order to expedite the process and make things completely hassle-free, you must rely on any third-party eraser tool.

One of the best eraser tools to wipe all the data from any iPhone or iPad is Wondershare SafeEraser. The software possesses all the sophisticated features that you, as an iDevice user would need in order to do complete maintenance and/or erasure of your gadget(s). Even though the program comes with the price tag, it is worth every cent that you pay.

Wondershare SafeEraser has the following features:

  1. Clear Private Data
  2. Erase Your Device Permanently
  3. Clear Junk File and Uninstall Apps
  4. Permanently Erase 'Already Deleted Files'
  5. Compress Photos to Reclaim Storage for Device

4,088,454 people have downloaded it

To clear storage of your iPad:

1. Log on to your Windows computer with an administrator account.

2. Open any web browser of your choice.

3. Go to the website.

4. From the opened web page, click the Try It Free button and download the installation file to your computer.

5. After downloading, double-click the installable file.

6. On the opened splash screen, click Install and wait till Wondershare SafeEraser installs on your computer successfully.

Note: If not already installed, download and install iTunes on your PC in order to allow SafeEraser to work.

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7. After the software is installed, click the Start Now button from the splash screen.

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8. Connect your iPad to the PC using the USB cable that was shipped along with it and wait till Wondershare SafeEraser detects your device.

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9. Once the icon of your iPad is displayed in the Wondershare SafeEraser interface, click the Erase All Data option from the primary window.

10. From the right pane, click Erase Now.

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11. On the displayed box, click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions from there to purchase the full licensed copy of the application in order to erase all your personal data from your device.

Note: The trial version of the program is only capable of erasing the data from the Music and Movies app.

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