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How to Free up Storage of "Documents and Data" on iPhone

Part 1. What is "Documents and Data" on iPhone?

To understand the “Documents and Data”, you must first understand how an iOS application work. Each iOS application works in a sandbox environment – this means each of these applications has its own individual storage, so that it does not need to retrieve data from another segment.

The “Documents and Data” folder contains different items for different application. For example; your Amazon Kindle app has eBooks downloaded for offline access in its “Documents and Data” folder. Safari on the other hand has a folder filled with your browser settings and caches.

Because of this exclusion, your iPhone will slowly become congested with temporary and junk files which will soon fight for space with data you actually want in your device. Not only do they take space, but they cause the iPhone to operate at a slower pace due to its “heft”.

Part 2. How to check storage of "Documents and Data" on iPhone

So, how much storage space does each individual “Documents and Data” folder take? It depends, really. To find out the magic number, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to Setting > General > Usage.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Step 2. To check how much space each application’s “Documents and Data” take, click on the name of the application. You should be able to see the memory distribution of the app.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Part 3. How to free up storage of "Documents and Data" on iPhone

Since each application stores data in its private folder, there is no straightforward way to get rid of these unwanted data. There are two ways to clear items in the “Documents and Data” folder of the iOS applications:

Method 1. Delete or uninstall the application from your iPhone. Reinstall the application.

Method 2. Erase the app’s “Document and Data” files from within e.g. open Pocket’s “Settings” and click on “Clear Downloaded Files” to delete downloaded files from the application.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Note: Not all mobile applications enables this method from inside the app.

Part 4. 1 click to maximize your iPhone's storage

You are, yet again, frustrated that you cannot install the latest iOS version because you did not have enough space. You have cleared and backed up everything in a cloud storage facility. However, it is still not enough storage space.


Wondershare SafeEraser - Protect Your Personal Privacy

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How to Use Wondershare SafeEraser to Free up Your iPhone

The 1-click feature on this software is awesome! It is able to release massive amount of storage space in just one go. Here is how:

Step 1. On the main interface, select the “1-Click Cleanup” – this will trigger the program to start an investigation on your iPhone.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Documents and Data on iPhone

Step 2. You will be showed the total amount of temporary and junk files once the scan is complete. Free up the storage space on your iPhone by clicking on the “CleanUp” button.

Documents and Data on iPhone

To completely erase all unwanted files, make sure your iPhone is securely connected to our computer throughout the duration of the process.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Step 3. After the erasing process has completed, the interface of the software will displace information regarding the current storage state of your iPhone.

Documents and Data on iPhone

Free Up Storage on iPhone Video Tutorial

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