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What happens if you don’t clear space on iPhone?

Regardless of the fact that the storage space on your iPhone must be cleaned regularly, many people don’t know why it should be done and what would be the consequences if the space is not cleaned. Below are a few points to explain such consequences:

  • Reduced Performance – iOS installed on your iPhone requires some space to breath. Leaving sufficient amount of free storage in your device ensures the smooth and flawless functioning of the operating system. If there is not enough space on your iPhone, it may start performing sluggishly.
  • Slow Boot Process – Since all the files are scanned by the operating system during the mobile boot, without enough space, scanning may become slow, thus delaying the boot process. Also, iPhone may take extra time to read the junk files which also causes delay while booting the phone.
  • No New Apps – Since apps require space on your device to get installed, less free storage means inability to install new apps.
  • No New Images or Videos – You can’t save new media files or images if there is not enough space available on your iPhone.

How to Clear Space on Your iPhone

The miraculous software we are talking about is Wondershare SafeEraser. This software developed by Wondershare helps you delete your data permanently. The so called "1-Click Cleanup" will do exactly what it says. It will clean your device and make it improve better with just one click. Besides cleaning your device Wondershare SafeEraser offers many other options. You can also compress your photos, erase all of your sensitive, private data, erase all data, and even erase your deleted data. Once you manually delete something from your phone, it doesn’t disappear permanently. That data can be recovered and that is why erasing your deleted data can be very useful.


Wondershare SafeEraser - Protect Your Personal Privacy

  • Permanently Erase Your Android & iPhone to protect your personal privacy.
  • Remove deleted files on idevices permanently;deleted files no longer recoverable .
  • 1-Click Cleanup to clean junk files and speed up idevice performance.
  • Not only support pictures & videos but also protects your call logs, messages and more.

Although there are several disk clean up apps available for iPhone and other Apple devices, the easiest and best available solution is to use Wondershare SafeEraser. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, and most of its iPhone cleaning options can be accessed from its main window. You can download Wondershare SafeEraser as per the platform of your computer (Windows or Mac) from the links given below.

There a few steps involved when it comes to cleaning your iPhone using Wondershare SafeEraser which are described as below:

1.Log on to your computer with any administrator account.

2.Use the links given above to download the correct version of Wondershare SafeEraser according to the platform of your computer. (A Windows computer is used here for demonstration.)

3.Install the program on your computer using the regular installation method.

4.After installing, launch Wondershare SafeEraser by double-clicking its icon.

5.Use the USB data cable to connect your iPhone to the PC.

6.Wait until Wondershare SafeEraser downloads and installs the required drivers for your iPhone on the computer.

Wondershare SafeEraser

7.Once done, from the main window of the program, click the Erase Deleted Files button (represented by the trash can symbol).

8.Wait until SafeEraser scans for the deleted files that can be removed permanently from your iPhone.

Wondershare SafeEraser

9.After the scanning process completes, from the left pane of the interface, click to select the category containing the erased data.

10.From the bottom-right corner of the right pane, click Erase Now to remove all the deleted files from your iPhone.

Wondershare SafeEraser

Note: You may need to provide your consent in all the confirmation boxes that appear in order to continue with the removal process.

11.Repeat step 10 to permanently remove the deleted files from the other categories as well.

12.Once done, back on the main window, click the Space Saver button (icon with the symbol of a skewed image).

Wondershare SafeEraser

13.From the left section of the window that comes up next, click Compress to compress all the images saved on your iPhone.

Wondershare SafeEraser

Note: Compressing all the images in your iPhone frees up a significant amount space that you can use for other purposes.

14.Back on the main window, click the 1-Click Cleanup button (represented by a sweeper icon).

Wondershare SafeEraser

15.Wait until SafeEraser scans for the junk and unwanted files and the unused apps on your iPhone.

Wondershare SafeEraser

16.After Wondershare SafeEraser completes scanning, check or uncheck the checkboxes representing the files that you want to remove from your iPhone. It is also suggested that you clean all the unused apps from your phone as well in order to use the storage space optimally.

17.Once this is done, from the bottom-right corner of the interface, click CleanUp.

Wondershare SafeEraser

18.Wait until SafeEraser cleans up the selected data from your iPhone.

Wondershare SafeEraser

19.Once the data removal confirmation window is displayed, you can close the window and exit SafeEraser.

Wondershare SafeEraser

20.Restart the cleaned up iPhone and start using it normally.

Erase Deleted Files and Clear iPhone Space Video Tutorial

What objects occupy most space in your iPhone

There is no such ratio or parameter for this. However, it is commonly seen that the cache and browsing history that is collected in your iPhone over time consumes a considerable amount of space. Also, if you play games on your iPhone and are continuously saving the progress, a decent amount of space is occupied with the saved data as well. In addition to this, because of the camera quality, the size of the captured images is huge.

To address the issues, you can regularly keep cleaning the junk files, uninstall and then reinstall the games to remove unnecessary game progress or other ‘debris’ from your iPhone, and of course, if you are using Wondershare SafeEraser, you can always compress the images in your iPhone to save more disk space.

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