2 Ways to Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone 8

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If you happen to save your data on your iCloud account, did you know that you can restore this data directly from your iCloud account back to your (RED) iPhone 8? If you didn’t, now you do. What actually happens here is that, the data you had saved in your iCloud is transferred back to your iPhone 8. As a matter of fact, various methods on how to restore iCloud backup to iPhone are available to choose from and use as preferred.

Though we have various methods on how to restore iCloud backup to red iPhone 8, the method you choose to restore iPhone 8 from iCloud will primarily depend on your preferences. For instance, you can choose to restore your iPhone 8 from iCloud using an external program or do the same internally using iPhone 8 itself.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how to restore (RED) iPhone 8 from iCloud backup using two primary methods. The methods at which I'm going to describe have been proven to be working and hence you don't have to be worried about wasting your valuable time on non-functioning methods.

Part 1: How to Restore iCloud Backup to (RED) iPhone 8 With No External Program

Though we have various methods on how to restore iCloud backup to iPhone 8, some of these methods usually charge you a subsequent amount of cash to help you restore your iCloud information back to your iPhone. Regardless of this, we have free to use methods which can still restore your iCloud data directly to your iPhone.

Most people usually prefer the free to use and access methods to restore iPhone 8 from iCloud backup set up. Below is a free to use method that you can use to restore iCloud backup to (RED) iPhone 8.

Tip: Before proceeding with the iCloud data restore process, you must first erase all the content present in your iPhone 8.

restore iCloud backup to iPhone 8

1: If you have your iPhone 8 turned OFF, turn it ON and head straight to the “Set up your device” option.

Tip: For you to effectively restore your data, you must first set up your iPhone accordingly.

2: On your new interface, tap on the “Restore from iCloud Backup” option.

how to restore iCloud backup to iPhone 8

Tip: As indicated on the screenshot above, this method allows you to automatically get your iCloud data as it is on your iPhone 8.

3: You will be required to login to your iCloud account so as to select the files that you want to restore data from.

Tip: Before proceeding, confirm if you have restored all your information so as to avoid losing your data once the restoration procedure is over.

4: Your selected backup file(s) will be restored automatically to your iPhone 8.

Part 2: How to Restore (RED) iPhone 8 from iCloud Backup Using dr.fone

When performing an iCloud restoration process, the chances of losing your data are high especially if you haven't put in place the required measures to protect your data. The difference between keeping your data and losing depends on having a dependable data backup program such as dr.fone.

dr.fone - Recover (iOS Data Recovery) is a flexible and easy to use program that gives you the opportunity to restore your data to iPhone 8 from iCloud backup, without overwriting your original data. Furthermore, once you have backed up your data on iCloud, you can use this program to view it online for free.

If by bad luck you performed a data restore procedure and you ended up losing your data, you can use a data recovery program such as dr.fone iOS Data Recovery to get back your data. With dr.fone, you can recover any data lost during and after performing a data restoration process.


dr.fone - Recover (iOS Data Recovery)

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Below is a detailed process on how you can recover your missing (RED) iPhone 8 data using dr.fone iOS Data Recovery program.

1: Initiate Data Recovery Process

On your dr.fone interface, click on the “Recover” and finally select “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” option.

Tip: dr.fone works hand in hand with iCloud hence enabling you to access you iCloud account remotely from the program.

2: Enter iCloud Details

On your new interface, enter your iCloud details and click on the “forward” arrow next to the password space to login into your account.

start to restore iCloud backup to iPhone 8

3: Select Folder to Recover Data

Once you are logged in, a list of all your iCloud backup files will be listed. Choose the one that you want to recover your data from and click the “Download” option.

restore iCloud backup to iPhone

4: Download Files

A new pop-up window will open up. From this window, check each and every file that you would like to download and click “Next” to proceed.

restore iPhone 8 from iCloud backup

Tip: dr.fone will take some few minutes to download the chosen files depending on the size of the files. So be patient.

5: Preview and Recover

Once downloaded, preview all your files and click on the “Recover to Computer” option. You can also choose to recover your downloaded data on your iPhone 8. To do this, simply click on the “Recover to your Device” to get the files in your iPhone 8.

how to restore iPhone 8 from iCloud backup

There you have it. That's how simple it is to recover and restore iPhone 8 from iCloud backup using dr.fone.

When it comes to restoring your iCloud backup to your (RED) iPhone 8, various methods as seen in this article are available to choose from depending on your preferences. Though various people have different reasons as to why they may want to restore (RED) iPhone 8 from iCloud backup, the fact still remains that, the moment you perform a data restore process, you will be able to view your data on your iPhone 8 and iCloud account with no problems at all. To make things even better, you can use dr.fone to restore and view your iPhone 8 data on your iCloud account. With this valuable information at your disposal, I believe it wouldn't be difficult for you to choose the data restore method that perfectly works for you.

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