How to Turn on Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 9 on iPhone

Keeping connected with our relatives, friends and world is an essential for everyone but our phone is not working sometimes due to a lousy service provider. Now, you don't need to worry because you can make a call through Wi-Fi Calling and enjoy your communication.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is a system/ service for Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to make and receive calls on your phones through the Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to install or use any extra application to use this feature. It is a great way to place and receive calls and text messages through your iPhones if you have solid Wi-Fi signal. Before we go to get the steps of how to enable this feature of making call, it is very important to know some other things about this such as what phones support this feature etc.

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Carriers Supporting Wi-Fi Calling

As you know all phones and carriers don't have this feature, it is very mandatory to know which of them support and which don not. If you are in USA, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are compatible with this feature. Older Iphones below 5c don't support this but if you are using iPhones 5c and above versions, you can enjoy Wi-Fi calling.

Part 1: Steps to Enable Wifi Calling in iOS 9 on iPhones

It is very important to know the right methods and correct steps of enabling Wi-Fi calling. If you know the steps well, it will save your time and help you connect to the right persons fast and easily. There are certain steps and methods which you need to follow to enable Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 9 on iPhones.

Step1. Launching the Settings App

As the first step, you need to launch the Settings on your iPhone. It is a very easy step as you will find the setting on your phone without any trouble. As you see the Settings on the screen, tap on it to launch it.

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Step 2. Tapping on the Phone

In the next step, you have to find the 'phone" option. You will easily locate the "phone' option among the tools in the list of settings. As you find it, you have to tap on it and step 2 is done.

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Step 3. Tap on Wi-Fi Calling

You will see the Wi-Fi calling button after clicking on the phone button. In this step, now you tap the Wi-Fi calling button .

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Step 4. Toggle the Wi-Fi Calling

In this step, you have to toggle the Wi-Fi Calling button. As you toggle the Wi-Fi calling switch, you will get a pop up window asking for your confirmation to enable Wi-Fi calling,and you have to confirm it. After this you will get another window in blue.

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Step 5. Tap Continue

Now you are almost done. In this step, you need to continue the same tapping. As a result, you will get some instructions on the screen which you have to follow tp complete the sepup. You are done now to make a call through Wi-Fi Calling.

turn off wifi calling on iphone

Hence, you got the all the steps clearly that you can turn on your Wi-Fi calling on your iPhones and enjoy conversations with your near and dear ones with no issue. You also got some of the useful tips regarding Wifi Calling system.

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