How to Check Apple Services Status

As an Apple user your device would probably be not the same without classic Apple services such as iCloud, iMessages, App Stores, Siri, FaceTime and many others. Whether you are creating a backup in iCloud, syncing your device with iTunes or logging in to online stores you need all of these services to not only run your device but your life as well.

This is why it can be quite problematic when some of these services become unresponsive. When Apple servers are down, it is not easy to perform these otherwise simple tasks. Although there are times when these problems can be caused by your own errors while using the device, other times it can be Apple’s fault. Because Apple is aware that sometimes it can be their fault, they allow Apple users to check if the Apple Server is down or certain services such as iCloud or iTunes are not working well.

Part 1: How to Check if Apple Servers are Down

If you attempt to sync a particular file with iTunes or try to restore a backup from iCloud only to find that iCloud is down or iTunes is down, it is natural to immediately think that it’s something you are doing wrong. But rather than trying to fix the problem yourself, you should check to see if Apple is down. Here’s how you can do this very easily:

Step 1: Open a web browser on any device. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your iOS device or a Mac.

Step 2: Browse to the Apple Services, Stores and iCloud Apple Support Page where you can be able to check whether it’s the Apple Servers that are down.

On this page Apple displays all of the services it keeps track of including Apple ID, Game Center, FaceTime and Siri. The webpage also details and tracks app stores like iBookstore, Mac App Store and iTunes Store as well as services such as iCloud services including Mail, iTunes Match and iTunes in the iCloud.

how to check apple service status

Here’s what you are looking for;

If you see green next to the service name then the service is working normally. If it is not working on your device then it may be your internet connection or another problem all together.

If there you see red, yellow or orange next to the service name the service is either disrupted, down or is not functioning as intended. In this case, you don’t have to do much; simply check back a little later when the service is back online.

By providing users with this valuable service, Apple is able to communicate when the servers are down. This simple action goes a long way in alleviating worries. Therefore before you go thinking of how to fix your iOS device, check with Apple to ensure it is not Apple's fault. If it is, patience is all that is needed and your device's services will be back to normal in no time.

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