How to Enable Orientation Lock on Your iOS Devices

iOS devices are very popular among smartphone users today thanks to the unique features they have to offer. But as fun as it may be to own, to play or to use an iOS device, sometimes it’s possible to get stuck trying to perform the simplest actions. Apple products have great features and some applications that cannot be installed on other devices, but if you have never used a product with an iOS system on it, it can be difficult to get the hang of it. One good example of a simple feature that creates troubles for most Apple users is enabling orientation lock on the device. This basic feature is available for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and can be accessed quite easy if you know what to look for.

Part 1: Enable orientation lock on iPhone, iPad or iPad touch

So, in order to enable the orientation lock on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, here are a few ideas for you.

Find out below how easy  it really is to enable orientation lock on your iOS device, and where  you can find the magic button that does that!  If you are looking for ways to enable orientation lock on your device, you probably know what this function of the phone is all about. However, some may not know it, or may know what they are looking for, but don’t know how to name it. Orientation lock for your screen is that little but useful feature that will prevent the screen from turning whenyou rotate your phone or tablet. Sometimes the rotation screen can be quite annoying, but the good news is you can lock it down in a simple, fast way.

If you want to enable the orientation lock on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, here is what you should do:

  1. Start by double clicking the home button. The multitasking tray will open, ready to be used.
  2. Now swipe to the right where you will find the iPod controls. At the left of these controls you will find a magic button that looks like a rotating arrow.
  3. Tap the button with an arrow on it and you will change your phone’s orientation in a second.

Extra Tip: If you worry that you will not know when the lock is active or inactive, find out that you will always be notified in the status bar. The same arrow will pop, letting you know the state of the orientation of your screen. If the orientation lock icon is highlighted, then lock is on. If it’s not highlighted, then your screen will continue to rotate.

enable orientation lock on ios devices

Part 2: Extra tip for iPad

Now that you know how to enable the orientation lock on your iPhone or iPad, here is a little extra tip for iPad users. Did you know you could perform this action?

If you are the user of an iPad, you can also transform the mute switch into orientation lock to make it easier to access and faster to find. Here is how to do it:

  1. Access the settings app and click on the “General” tab.
  2. Under the “Use slide to switch to” you will be able to select “Lock rotation”.
  3. Click it and transform your mute switch into lock rotation switch.

Now you are free to use the side switch to lock the orientation of your screen, and mute your phone by accessing the multitasking tray and find the mute switch where the orientation lock used to be. If you tried all these things, but nothing seem to work for your iPad, just restart it and try again. This extra setting is very useful if you need the rotating screen very often, but also want to close it easily. With just a simple click you will set your screen to rotate or not. Those videos will be so much easier to watch now!

enable orientation lock on ios devices

This is only one of the many simple features you can access on an iOS device and make your phone or tablet easier to use. But why should you use this feature on your phone? Orientation lock has great advantages, such as:

  • Watching online or offline videos, movies or short speeches
  • Having a better view of a photo or looking at panoramic shots
  • Reading a long text or a presentation or working with editing programs

However, as with any other thing or feature, this setting comes with a few disadvantages as well. Here is why you should deactivate your orientation lock feature on a daily basis:

  • It can get in the way of easy tasks, such as calling a friend or texting
  • It usually activates easily, at the slightest move of the phone, which can get annoying at some point
  • It’s not appropriate for daily use because it makes using the phone more difficult than it helps.

Hopefully, turning on or off the orientation lock on your phone won’t be a problem anymore. Just remember the steps above or re-read again the information in this article. Your Apple device will seem friendlier and more fun once you discover how to use its simplest features, and you will be able to complete daily tasks easier and quicker. Finally, don’t forget that you, as an iOS user, are part of an exclusive club and have access to the best features Apple has prepared for you. Learn how to use every one of them and you will never give up your iOS device!

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