Want to Become an iPhone Game Developer Easily? Here are 10 easy steps!

Apple's app store offers you a number of games and apps. But, have you ever wondered about how these games and apps are developed? You might think that it needs awesome knowledge and extraordinary skills. But the fact is that you just have to follow some basic rules and steps related to the skills required for iPhone game development and you too can develop your own games.

In fact, you can easily become an iPhone game developer if you are willing to give it your best effort. And, if you succeed in attracting the users with the interface and options in your game, then you'll surely earn a lot of money, not to forget, even gain huge popularity. Sounds exciting? Well, then gear up to learn the basics that you must have or do to become a successful iPhone game developer.

Part 1: 10 Steps to becoming an iPhone Game Developer

Step 1 - Purchase a PC that runs on Mac

The first step to make an iPhone game is quite clear and important too. You need to buy yourself a PC that is Intel-based, and that at least runs the Leopard version of this unique OS. However, it isn't necessary to buy a PC that is a top range model and that may cost you a good amount of money, just buy a model within your budget.

become iphone game developer

Step 2 - Download the Software Developer Kit or SDK

After you have bought the PC with a decent configuration, you must download the SDK that is available for free of cost from the developer site of Apple. This kit comes included with the Xcode for environment development, performance analyzers, full documentation of the reference library, iPhone simulator, and other necessary interface builders.

become iphone game developer

Step 3 - Learn Programming (Objective-C)

You have to learn a programming language called Objective-C in order to successfully develop an iPhone friendly game. It is currently the main and a major development environment for Mac system. Therefore, it is extremely important that you learn this programming language as soon as possible. This will help you easily understand how to make an iPhone game.

become iphone game developer

Step 4 - Learn from the various free tutorials or outsource every possible thing

There are loads of free online tutorials available that demonstrate various important things to do in case of iOS programming and how to make iPhone games. So, you need to watch them and learn the necessary steps. But, if you are not a programmer, then you might find this difficult at the start. So, you should outsource your thoughts to someone who is more experienced and efficient. If you can't manage a certain part of the game development on your own, you should outsource that bit to a veteran programmer.

become iphone game developer

Step 5 - Start writing and come out with an original idea

If you succeed in learning the Objective-C language, then half of the work is done for you. But, don't waste any valuable time. You should start writing something at the earliest. You have to design your game then make yourself determined on what exactly is it that you want, and that too in advance. Try to come out with an idea that is absolutely original and attractive at the same time. It may take you days, or weeks, or months to think about a unique game design and structure, but it is totally worth it. Once you have set your goals, you should start writing. But, if you find it hard to write something new, you can always try your hands in the modification tasks provided by the SDK.

become iphone game developer

Step 6 - Sign up as an official developer

If you are planning on releasing and selling your game at any point of time, then you need to register yourself as an official developer with the iPhone Developer program. The standard fee for the registration is 99 USD. You have to agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of Apple. I recommend that you should do this in advance, even before completing your project, as this will allow you to test the code of your game on an actual iPhone rather than on an onscreen emulator.

become iphone game developer

Step 7 - Set iPhone specific features, design a challenging gameplay, and incorporate awesome soundtracks

In order to be commercially successful and popular, you must design your game according to the certain standards and features that are specifically expected on the iOS platform. For example, you should try to plan the strategy and design based on iPhone, iPad, or iPod specific features. But again, the idea should be exclusively original. You should also make sure that the gameplay is challenging enough to test the users so that more and more iPhone users want to play your game. In order to enhance the attraction quotient, you have to find engaging soundtracks for your game. You can find a number of awesome soundtracks from various websites. You can edit them and fit them into your gameplay as needed.

become iphone game developer

Step 8 - Get valuable feedback and submit your game app

To play safe, you might post your game to the Apple community of beta users so that you can gather valuable feedback from the real-time users before your official launch. You should do this prior to the release because this will give you strong hints on how attractive and engaging your game is to the end user. Once you have worked on these feedback and finished making changes to your game accordingly, the whole development process comes to an end. Now, you simply have to submit your app on Apple so that it gets featured on the App Store. Apple usually takes a week to approve and authorize the game. And, if all goes well, you'll find your game available for download on the App Store soon enough.

become iphone game developer

Step 9 - Make a tutorial video

This is highly recommended, you should try making at least one tutorial video that offers insight into your game. This is immensely helpful because journalists, expert users and mainly gamers usually come to know about most of the games through this way only. Moreover, the users can find some help from you, the developer, directly and that would help you promote your game in a big way.

become iphone game developer

Step 10 - Market your game, adapt to the situation

Remember that your work is not done after you have released your game on the App Store. You have to market your game to make it a great success. You'll have to adapt to the various challenging situations that may come to you. You will not find immediate success after the release. But you must keep trying. Try to engage online communities of common users and experts. Try to post blogs that describe your strategy, overview, and developing process with attractive screenshots. You should also mail multiple press releases to various news sites that are exclusively related to the news on iPhone games. You can make use of various websites that offer to promote your game at a low cost. In this way, you could create a buzz among the iPhone users at a faster rate. Then, you'll find that people are getting to know you and your game. Your game should soon become a success story for you now.

become iphone game developer

If you were to follow the above 10 steps, you will be a lot more closer to becoming a successful iPhone game developer than ever before. You must give it a try, it is quite possible that it works out for you as it did for many others before you. Who knows, you could be the next famous iPhone game developer the world has been waiting for!

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