How Many Apps, Songs, Videos & Games Can You Fit on A 128GB iPad?

In an age of streaming media we need more storage. This is why everyone is raving about the new 128GB iPad. Tablet users need that much space because we need to watch movies, listen to music, play games, watch our favorite TV shows, install our favorite apps and even read books and magazines. All of these files take up a lot of memory in your internal hard drive which was why most people supplemented internal memory with SD cards.

If you are wondering just how much data the new 128GB iPad can hold, this article attempts to get to the bottom of that all important question.

Part 1: What Can you fit on a 128GB iPad?

With a 128GB capacity this new generation iPad is in a class of its own but what does this mean for the average user? We did a breakdown of just how much apps, songs, videos and games this iPad can hold and here’s what we came up with.

  • The average photo is about 2.3 MB in size. This means this fourth-gen iPad can hold 56,998 photos.
  • The average song is about 7.032MB translating into 18,639 songs on the new iPad
  • The average App is about 23MB in size and the new iPad can hold 5,699 apps
  • The average game is about 60MB in size translating into 2,185 games.
  • Your average HD video is about 4,096 MB in size which means the new iPad can hold 32 HD videos.

Here’s a graphic representation of this;

a 128g ipad

Please Note that these capacities do not take into account the amount of memory required to keep the iOS System running or the amount of memory the operating system takes up on the disk.

Part 2: To be more Specific...

Most people would think that the new iPad with its very large storage capacity would be ideal for use in the business environment. We can certainly see the appeal this device has for businesses especially those in the film and music industries. But what would that large a capacity mean for the average non-business user such as yourself?

For your benefit, we took some of your favourite things to do on an iPad and broke down just how much you can get to enjoy if you had 128GB of internal storage.

  • An episode of Family Guy is about 60- 90MB in size. At an average of 75MB per episode, you would be able to fit 1,747 Family Guy Episodes on the device. (There are only 190 episodes of the show.)
  • If you love Angry Birds you will be glad to know that you fit up to 2,887 instances of the iPad version of this game on this new iPad. It’s a good thing you only need one.
  • A book like George R. R Martin’s Game of Thrones is about 11.3MB on iBooks. The new iPad can hold 11,599 copies if the book if you remove the one you just finished before starting another 1 since you cannot purchase all more than one copy.
  • All 6 seasons (121 episodes) of Lost in HD on iTunes is around 170GB, if you switch to SD it is around 70GB and you can easily fit the all 6 seasons of the show on your iPad with space to spare.

Here’s what it looks like graphically:

a 128g ipad

Part 3: Who should get the 128GB iPad?

At $949 the 128GB iPad is certainly more expensive than the 32GB model, but it offers great value for money. This is because the 32GB goes for $799 just $150 less than the 128GB model with 4 times the storage capacity.

The new iPad is a great solution for those who need more storage such as businesses in the Film and Music industries (Apple’s intended target). If you just use your iPad for regular everyday stuff like movies, iBooks, TV and music, it might be a better idea to get the 32GB and supplement the storage needs with the cloud. Apple does give you free, unlimited storage of all your iTunes stuff as well as free 5GB storage on iCloud. You can also purchase more iCloud storage if you need to and Apple has in recent times dropped those prices as well.

If you however don’t want to depend on network access to get all your stuff, the 128GB iPad may be a great solution for you. If you want all your stuff available all the time then you need all the storage you can get and 128GB capacity is a great solution.

Nothing else is different in the new iPad as compared to the older models except for the increased storage capacity. So Apple is clearly thinks that you need more space for some reason but if the data above is any indication, you clearly do. Therefore if you want more apps, more iBooks, more TV shows, more movies and more music, the Fourth-gen iPad is a good idea.

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