Disappearing Audiobooks? Here's Your Roadmap

There is nothing worse than downloading some interesting audiobooks on your iPhone for a road trip and then realizing 20 minutes after you've left that somehow, the audiobooks aren't on your iPhone. Not everyone likes listening to music, so where does that leave you? Not everyone likes listening to music during a drive, sowhere are your audiobooks on your iPhone? Finding your audiobooks on an iPhone is actually easier than you might think.

Part 1: The Problem: Where Are The Audiobooks On The iPhone?

Part of the problem in discovering where arethe audiobooks on your iPhone is that Apple has changed the location of them. While audiobooks still are available for download in iTunes and play through iTunes, they are actually stored in the iBooks app, which means there is the potential for confusion when it comes to playing a particular audiobook on your iPhone. This change in location has been the case since iOS 8.4, and the resulting confusion can be tough to navigate unless you know how to locate them.

downloaded audiobooks not showing on iphone

Part 2: The Solution: Where They Went

The audiobooks feature on iPhone is hidden under the Music app under More. The problem is, this feature won't show up until you have downloaded at least some audiobooks on your iPhone. If you know you have audiobooks on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Sign out of iTunes on the device that you're using: Wait a few minutes after you've done this. After, sign in again, ensure you're connected to the internet, and go into the Music app.
  • Sync: Sometimes, not seeing your audiobooks on the iPhone can be a simple matter of your device not being synced with the new audiobook. Try syncing and see if it shows up.
  • MAKE SURE SYNC AUDIOBOOKS IS CHECKED: Sometimes what happens when you sync your device, you forget to have the checkbox for Sync Audiobooks is marked. Try that and sync again.

If you follow these steps, you should see audiobooks on your iPhone again.

downloaded audiobooks not showing on iphone

Part 3: When All Else Fails Finding The Audiobooks On Your iPhone

Sometimes, none of these options may work. When you are stuck in that sort of situation and nothing seems to be working to find the audiobooks on your iPhone,go to Settings → General → Reset and reset all settings. This will reset all your settings for the device you're using, including iPhone or iPad, and resets your WiFi. This step is a bit drastic, but when nothing else appears to be working, this might.

Once you've done that, go through the previous steps to see what sort of success you have. It should work this time.

downloaded audiobooks not showing on iphone

When you want to listen to audiobooks and they aren't on your iPhone, it's very easy to become frustrated, but there are solutions. Take a deep breath, try the steps mentioned here, and with that and a little luck, you will be enjoying your audiobooks on your iPhone before too long.

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